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E26 Transformation sentence examples within transcription factor family

Hyper-SUMOylation of ERG Is Essential for the Progression of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Overexpression of E74-like transformation-specific transcription factor 3 promotes cellular proliferation and predicts poor prognosis in ovarian cancer

E26 Transformation sentence examples within luciferase reporter assay

CircSERPINE2 protects against osteoarthritis by targeting miR-1271 and ETS-related gene

MicroRNA-338-3p inhibits the progression of bladder cancer through regulating ETS1 expression.

E26 Transformation sentence examples within specific sequence 1

ETS1 polymorphism rs73013527 in relation to serum RANKL levels among patients with RA

Phthalates promote the invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma cells by enhancing the interaction between Pregnane X receptor and E26 transformation specific sequence 1.

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E26 Transformation sentence examples within specific transcription factor

SPDEF suppresses head and neck squamous cell carcinoma progression by transcriptionally activating NR4A1

The E26 Transformation-Specific-family transcription factor Spi-C is dynamically regulated by external signals in B cells

E26 Transformation sentence examples within Factor E26 Transformation

TGF-β induced chemoresistance in liver cancer is modulated by xenobiotic nuclear receptor PXR

Intravitreal Ets1 siRNA alleviates choroidal neovascularization in a mouse model of age-related macular degeneration

E26 Transformation sentence examples within Identified E26 Transformation

ETS1 polymorphism rs73013527 in relation to serum RANKL levels among patients with RA

ESE3/EHF, a promising target of rosiglitazone, suppresses pancreatic cancer stemness by downregulating CXCR4

E26 Transformation sentence examples within e26 transformation specific

ETS1 promoted cell growth, metastasis and epithelial–mesenchymal transition process in melanoma by regulating miR-16-mediated SOX4 expression

Preclinical evaluation of the ETS inhibitor TK216 against relapsed and refractory childhood leukemia.

SBSA: an online service for somatic binding sequence annotation

Long-Residence Pneumonia Vaccine Developed Using PEG-Grafted Hybrid Nanovesicles from Cell Membrane Fusion of Mycoplasma and IFN-γ-Primed Macrophages.

Dual‐Specificity Phosphatase 9 Regulates Cellular Proliferation and Predicts Recurrence After Surgery in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Endothelial ERG alleviates cardiac fibrosis via blocking endothelin-1-dependent paracrine mechanism

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Super-enhancer receives signals from the extracellular matrix to induce PD-L1-mediated immune evasion via integrin/BRAF/TAK1/ERK/ETV4 signaling.

Re-Evaluate Fusion Genes in Prostate Cancer

The role of E26 transformation-specific variant transcription factor 5 in colorectal cancer cell proliferation and cell cycle progression

More E26 Transformation E26 変身 sentence examples

MicroRNA-125a-5p modulates macrophage polarization by targeting E26 transformation-specific variant 6 gene during orthodontic tooth movement.

Schlafen 11 expression in human acute leukemia cells with gain-of-function mutations in the interferon-JAK signaling pathway

ETS-Domain Transcription Factor Elk-1 Regulates Stemness Genes in Brain Tumors and CD133+ BrainTumor-Initiating Cells

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Cooperative Binding of ETS2 and NFAT Links Erk1/2 and Calcineurin Signaling in the Pathogenesis of Cardiac Hypertrophy

ESE-1/ELF3 Is a Tumor Suppressor and Molecular Target of Green Tea Compound, EGCG (P05-009-19).

Differential expression of Ets‐1 in breast cancer among North Indian population

More E26 Transformation E26 変身 sentence examples

[E26 transformation-specific variant 4 promotes sorafenib and cisplatin resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma cells in vitro].

EGF suppresses the expression of miR-124a in pancreatic β cell lines via ETS2 activation through the MEK and PI3K signaling pathways

ΔNp73/ETS2 complex drives glioblastoma pathogenesis- targeting downstream mediators by rebastinib prolongs survival in preclinical models of glioblastoma.

Kcnq1ot1/miR-381-3p/ETS2 Axis Regulates Inflammation in Mouse Models of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Regulatory mechanisms of Robo4 and their effects on angiogenesis

Identification of epithelial‐specific ETS‐1 (ESE‐1) as a tumor suppressor and molecular target of green tea compound, EGCG

E26 transformation (ETS)‑specific related transcription factor‑3 (ELF3) orchestrates a positive feedback loop that constitutively activates the MAPK/Erk pathway to drive thyroid cancer.

Transcription Factor Elf3 Modulates Vasopressin-Induced Aquaporin-2 Gene Expression in Kidney Collecting Duct Cells

ETS1 induces transforming growth factor β signaling and promotes epithelial‐to‐mesenchymal transition in prostate cancer cells

Colonic Ewing Sarcoma/PNET associated with liver metastases: A systematic review and case report.

Positive feedback loop of regulating ERK phosphorylation in mESCs mediated by Etv5-Tet2-Fgfr2 axis

Virus-Mediated Overexpression of ETS-1 in the Ventral Hippocampus Counteracts Depression-Like Behaviors in Rats

Fli-1 promotes proliferation and upregulates NANOGP8 expression in T-lymphocyte leukemia cells.

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