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Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within effective thermal conductivity

Effect of non-uniform diameter and fractal dimension of Al2O3 nanoparticle on double-diffusion in tilted enclosure

Thermosolutal discharge of double diffusion mixed convection flow with Brownian motion of nanoparticles in a wavy chamber

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within particle size distribution

Thermophysical properties of water-based nano-emulsion of tricosane - An Experimental investigation

Life prediction of slotted screen based on back-propagation neural network

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within properties thermal conductivity

Polyurethane Hybrid Composites Reinforced with Lavender Residue Functionalized with Kaolinite and Hydroxyapatite

Polyurethane Composites Reinforced with Walnut Shell Filler Treated with Perlite, Montmorillonite and Halloysite

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within density thermal conductivity

An Analytical Study to Compare the Heat Transfer Performances of Water-Based TiO2, SiO2, TiC and SiC Nanofluids

Engineering molten MgCl2–KCl–NaCl salt for high-temperature thermal energy storage: Review on salt properties and corrosion control strategies

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within Fluid Dynamic Viscosity

Resolved CFD–DEM simulation on hydrodynamic bridging in a bend rectangle channel

Analysis of Two-Fluid Plasma in the Electromagnetic Hydrodynamics Approximation and Discontinuous Structures in Their Solutions

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within Apparent Dynamic Viscosity

The Influence of Static and Multi-Pulsed Pressure Processing on the Enzymatic and Physico-Chemical Quality, and Antioxidant Potential of Carrot Juice During Refrigerated Storage

Graphene-based nanofluids: A comprehensive review about rheological behavior and dynamic viscosity

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within Effective Dynamic Viscosity

Liquid–Liquid Flows with Non-Newtonian Dispersed Phase in a T-Junction Microchannel

Modeling and experimental characterization of squeeze film effects in nonlinear capacitive circular microplates

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within Higher Dynamic Viscosity

The Effect of Type-I Photoinitiators on the Kinetics of the UV-Induced Cotelomerization Process of Acrylate Monomers and Properties of Obtained Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Temperature-Dependent Rheological Behaviors of Binary Eutectic Mixtures of Sugar Alcohols for Latent Heat Storage: A Comparative Study with Pure Sugar Alcohols

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within Low Dynamic Viscosity

Comparison of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Flow of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Water inside a Square Microchannel

Theoretical and experimental approach to ball bearing frictional characteristics compared with cryogenic friction model and dry friction model

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within Increasing Dynamic Viscosity

Investigation of the adhesive and cohesive properties of asphalt, mastic, and mortar in porous asphalt mixtures

The density, dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity of protic and aprotic polar solvent (pure and mixed) systems: An experimental and theoretical insight of thermophysical properties

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within Lowest Dynamic Viscosity

Viscoelastic properties of the iris in different types of glaucoma

Numerical and experimental investigation into clogging phenomenon in vaporizer coil of methanol steam reformers

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within Oil Dynamic Viscosity

Tandem tapered roller bearings no-load torque loss in a rear axle gear transmission

Churning power losses of a gearbox with spiral bevel geared transmission

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within Increase Dynamic Viscosity

Numerical study and artificial neural network modeling of the tube banks arrangement considering exergetic performance

Performance of silicon oil-based Magneto-Rheological fluids used for MR dampers: an experimental approach

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within dynamic viscosity coefficient

Numerical algorithm for the problem of the technological process of filtering low-concentrated suspensions

Theoretical study on the leakage characteristics of Disc-Seal Single Screw Pump used in oily sludge waste heat source absorption refrigeration system

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within dynamic viscosity measurement

Carrageenan molecule conformations and electrokinetic properties in electrolyte solutions: Modeling and experimental measurements

Experimental and Molecular Docking Studies on the Interaction of a Water-Soluble Pd(II) Complex Containing β-Amino Alcohol with Calf Thymus DNA.

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within dynamic viscosity value

Modified Carboxymethylcellulose-Based Scaffolds as New Potential Ecofriendly Superplasticizers with a Retardant Effect for Mortar: From the Synthesis to the Application

Thermophysical Properties of Binary Mixtures of n-Dodecane with n-Alkylcyclohexanes: Experimental Measurements and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within dynamic viscosity test

Prediction of Adhesion Friction Coefficient Using Two Different Models for Tire Tread Rubber Compounds

Characterization of red sand dust pollution control performance via static and dynamic laboratorial experiments when applying polymer stabilizers

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within dynamic viscosity ratio

Efficacy evaluation of oxide-MWCNT water hybrid nanofluids: An experimental and artificial neural network approach

Linear stability analysis of a Newtonian ferrofluid cylinder surrounded by a Newtonian fluid

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within dynamic viscosity compared

Research of rheological properties of fermented milk ice cream with high content of exopolysaccharides

Heat transfer performance of two oil-based nanofluids containing ZnO and MgO nanoparticles; a comparative experimental investigation

Dynamic Viscosity sentence examples within dynamic viscosity η

Analysis of Surface Tension and Viscosity of Liquid Metals

Thermophysical properties of 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium dicyanamide in a wide range of temperatures and pressures

Portable gas chromatograph calibration with gases of varying viscosities.

CFD Modelling of Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow in a Pipe Including Obstacle

Machine learning-based approaches for modeling thermophysical properties of hybrid nanofluids: A comprehensive review

Remarks on Modeling the Oil Film Generation of Rod Seals

Effects of ultasonication and surfactant on the thermal and electrical conductivity of water – Solar glycol mixture based Al2O3 nanofluids for solar-thermal applications

A well-trained artificial neural network for predicting the rheological behavior of MWCNT–Al2O3 (30–70%)/oil SAE40 hybrid nanofluid

An Investigation of Transition Flow in Porous Media by Event Driven Molecular Dynamics Simulation

More Dynamic Viscosity 動的粘度 sentence examples

Water retention mechanism of cellulose ethers in calcium sulfoaluminate cement-based materials

More Dynamic Viscosity 動的粘度 sentence examples

An “artificial” activity coefficient modeling approach for emulating combustion and physical property variations during distillation of real complex fuel

Understanding the dynamic pore wetting by 1H LF-NMR characterization. Part 1: Effect of dynamic viscosity of liquid

Calculation of Dynamic Viscosity in Concentrated Cementitious Suspensions: Probabilistic Approximation and Bayesian Analysis

Non-homogenous nanofluid model for 3D convective flow in enclosures filled with hydrodynamically and thermally heterogeneous porous media

Hyaluronic Acid-Binding, Anionic, Nanoparticles Inhibit ECM Degradation and Restore Compressive Stiffness in Aggrecan-Depleted Articular Cartilage Explants

Stability and thermophysical properties test of carbide-derived carbon thermal fluid; a comparison between functionalized and emulsified suspensions

Numerical investigation of the effect of different parameters on emitted shockwave from bubble collapse in a nozzle

Buoyancy driven second grade nano boundary layers over a catalytic surface with reaction rate, heat of reaction and activation energy at boundary

More Dynamic Viscosity 動的粘度 sentence examples

Research on the possibility of extending the shelf life of cheese raw material and heat-treated cheese by their freezing for further use in HoReCa

Peat as a Raw Material for Plant Nutrients and Humic Substances

Modeling of transport and volumetric properties of tributylamine based absorbents for CO2 capture

Piezoelectric Switching of Bistable MEMS Membranes in Fluids

Effects of temperature-dependent property variations on the output capacity prediction of a deep coaxial borehole heat exchanger

Unsteady Filtration of the Oil-CO2 Flow in a Homogeneous Reservoir under Different Thermobaric Conditions

How different lubricants affect the wear of steel counterfaces in radial lip sealing systems

Viscosity of the InBi–Pb Melts

Experimental data on the physicochemical and thermodynamic properties of the aqueous lithium bromide modified by the addition of lithium salt

Cluster–Associate Model for the Viscosity of Sodium Fluoride in Comparison with the Frenkel Model

Steady Marangoni instabilities in variable-viscosity liquid layer in the presence of insoluble surfactant

Spray-Dried Mucoadhesive Microparticles Based On S-Protected Thiolated Hydroxypropyl- β -Cyclodextrin For Budesonide Nasal Delivery.


High temperature stability of a commercial terphenyl-based thermal oil

Experimental and mathematical nonlinear rheological characterization of chicken fat oil-a sustainable feedstock for biodiesel

The problem of normal oscillations of a viscous stratified fluid with an elastic membrane

Preparation of binary nanofluid with heat transfer additives by particle surface functionalisation


Superhydrophobic home-made polyurethane sponges for versatile and cost-effective oil and water separation

Electrosprayed Chitosan–Copper Complex Microspheres with Uniform Size

Grouting of cohesionless soils by means of colloidal nanosilica

Magnetically controlled liquid paraffin oil-in-water Pickering emulsion stabilized by magnetite/cellulose nanocrystals: Formation and Cr(VI) adsorption

Evaluation of dynamic viscosity of turbid fluids using optical coherence tomography

Experimental study of thermophysical properties of MWCNT and graphene coolant nanofluids for automotive application

Thermodynamic characterization of {1-ethyl-1-methyl-pyrrolidinium dimethylphosphate, [C1C2PYR][DMP], or 1-hydroxyethyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium dimethylphosphate, [C1C2OHPYR][DMP] (1) + ethanol (2)} binary systems.

Viscosity and Rheological Properties of Graphene Nanopowders Nanofluids

More Dynamic Viscosity 動的粘度 sentence examples

Physicochemical, rheological and microstructural properties of Nano-Silica modified Bio-Asphalt

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