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Application of Assessment Models for Health Risk and Pollution From Surface Water From Okumpi River in Nwangele, Imo State, Nigeria

Evaluation of groundwater quality with health risk assessment of fluoride and nitrate in Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu, India

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Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program and Water Quality Index (WQI) to Assess and Manage Groundwater Quality in the City of Baghdad

Hydrochemical evaluation of the quaternary aquifer and its suitability for different purposes at south Al Waqf city, Qena, Upper Egypt

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Appraisal of heavy metal pollution in groundwater of Malwa region, Punjab (India) using stress biomarkers in Brassica juncea


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Geochemistry of Dissolved Heavy Metals in Upper Reaches of the Three Gorges Reservoir of Yangtze River Watershed during the Flood Season

Hydrogeochemical characterization and quality assessment of groundwater using self-organizing maps in the Hangjinqi gasfield area, Ordos Basin, NW China

Groundwater quality assessment using geospatial technique based water quality index (WQI) approach in a coal mining region of India

Multi-isotopic regional-scale screening on drinking groundwater in Lombardy Region (Italy)

Modeling on comprehensive evaluation of water quality status for Abay River, Ethiopia

Quantification of Water Sustainability in Upper Indus River Basin Through the Concept of Resilience, Reliability and Vulnerability (RRV)

Hydrogeochemical and health risk investigation of potentially toxic elements in groundwater along River Sutlej floodplain in Punjab, Pakistan

Quality and health risk assessment of water resources in Sızma-Lâdik (Konya) inactive mining area, Turkey

Evaluation of Groundwater Quality in Virudhunagar Taluk, Tamil Nadu, India by using Statistical Methods and GIS Technique

Groundwater quality of an hard rock aquifer in the Subledu Basin of Khammam district, India

Dielectric properties measurement and pH analysis for drinking water

The Secret of the Main Campus Water-Wells, Arba Minch University, Ethiopia

Method development, validation, monitoring, seasonal effect and risk assessment of multiclass multi pesticide residues in surface and ground water of new alluvial zone in eastern India

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An Experimental Investigation on Dew Drain Water for Drinking Purpose

Hydrochemical Assessment Of Jhilmila Lake, Kanchanpur, Nepal

An integrated approach based on Gaussian noises-based data augmentation method and AdaBoost model to predict faecal coliforms in rivers with small dataset

Assessment of drinking water quality for raw water and treated water at Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia

Spatial variability and hydrogeochemical characterisation of groundwaters in Larkana of Sindh, Pakistan

Geochemical evaluation of groundwater quality of Peshawar Basin, Pakistan

Groundwater suitability assessment based on water quality index and hydrochemical characterization of Suri Sadar Sub-division, West Bengal

Appraisal of hydrogeochemical processes and groundwater quality in Bhavani taluk Erode district, Tamil Nadu, India

An assessment of the effects of oil field brine discharges on sediment and water of Forcardos River, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Assessment of Concentration levels of contaminants in groundwater of Soutpansberg Region, Limpopo Province, South Africa

Evaluation of major anions, halide ions, nitrogen, and phosphorus contents in groundwater from shallow hand-dug wells near Ona River, Ibadan, Nigeria

Discrete geochemical behavior of Sr and Ba in the groundwater of Southern Mor Range, Balochistan, a tracer for igneous and sedimentary rocks weathering and related environmental issues

Geochemical characteristics and quality of groundwater evaluation for drinking, irrigation, and industrial purposes from a part of hard rock aquifer of South India

Evaluation of the most promising techniques overcoming the algal problems takes place during the purification of drinking water

Assessment of Drinking Water Purification Plant Efficiency in Al-Hassa, Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia

Distribution and health risk assessment of trace elements in ground/surface water of Kot Addu, Punjab, Pakistan: a multivariate analysis

Hydrogeochemistry and Groundwater Quality Assessment in the High Agri Valley (Southern Italy)

Evaluation of groundwater quality and its suitability by applying the geospatial and IWQI techniques for irrigation purposes in the southwestern coastal plain of Bangladesh


Fluoride removal from drinking water using alumina adsorbent: batch and column experiments and working efficiency of engineered pilot plant

Sulfur Isotope and Stoichiometry–Based Source Identification of Major Ions and Risk Assessment in Chishui River Basin, Southwest China

Assessment of groundwater quality in North Quchan plain (Khorasan Razavi Province); implication for drinking and industrial usage

Hydrogeochemistry Assessment of Shallow Groundwater and Human Health Threats in the Northwestern Ordos Basin, China

Hygienic aspects of using the resources of small rivers of the Volga region for drinking water supply on the example of the Saratov region

Beyond fish eDNA metabarcoding: Field replicates disproportionately improve the detection of stream-associated vertebrate species

Study of IoT Based Smart Water Quality Monitoring System

Prediction on water quality of a lake in Chennai, India using machine learning algorithms

Monitoring groundwater quality status using geo-spatial technique: a case study on Malwa region Punjab, India

Trace elements speciation and sources characterization in the main watercourses, middle-upper Egypt

Physico-chemical characteristics and therapeutic potential of Chutrun thermal springs in Shigar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan (Pakistan)

Step-By-Step Design and Calculations for Water Treatment Plant Units: A Recent Study

Ecological and health risk assessment of trace metals in water collected from Haripur gas blowout area of Bangladesh

Water quality and health risk assessment of trace elements contamination in Ghodaghodi Lake, Sudurpaschim Province, Nepal

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Microbial Contamination in Drinking Water of Saggiyan-Lahore, Pakistan


Development and Management of Base Flow of a Sand-dominated Alluvial Aquifer of a Large Ephemeral River for Drinking Water Supply in Semi-arid and Fluoride Affected Areas: Example of the River Mayurakshi, Birbhum District, West Bengal, India

Health risk assessment and spatial variations of dissolved heavy metals and metalloids in a tropical river basin system

Oral and Dental Status of Lebanese and Syrian Refugees Living in Proximity to Deir Kanoun Ras El Ain Dump in Lebanon

Evaluation of the suitability of groundwater for drinking and irrigation purposes in Jimma Zone of Oromia, Ethiopia

Unraveling prevalence and public health risks of arsenic, uranium and co-occurring trace metals in groundwater along riverine ecosystem in Sindh and Punjab, Pakistan

Evaluation of conventional drinking water treatment plant efficiency according to water quality index and health risk assessment

The hydrogeochemical signatures, quality indices and health risk assessment of water resources in Umunya district, southeast Nigeria

Hydro-geochemical Evaluation of Groundwater for Its Suitability to Various Uses; A Case Study of a Small Mountainous River Basin in Western Ghats, South India

Quantitative analysis of phenols and PAHs in the Nandoni Dam in Limpopo Province, South Africa: A preliminary study for dam water quality management

Performance evaluation of MBR in treating microplastics polyvinylchloride contaminated polluted surface water.

Imaging and integration of hydrogeochemical data for characterization of groundwater quality around Jabalpur, India

Assessment of Physicochemical and Bacteriological Parameters of Borehole and Hand Dug Well Water in Michika and Environs, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Consequences of Urbanization on Water Quality in the Agro-ecosystems Along the Rural-Urban and Transition zones of Bengaluru Metropolitan City

Integrating microbiological and physico-chemical parameters for enhanced spatial prediction of groundwater quality in Harare

Evaluation of Groundwater Quality and Suitability for Drinking and Irrigation Purposes Using Hydrochemical Approach: The Case of Raya Valley, Northern Ethiopia

Human health risk assessment of groundwater arsenic contamination in Jinghui irrigation district, China.

Electrocoagulation/flocculation of cyanobacteria from surface waters

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Groundwater Quality Assessment for Drinking and Agricultural Purposes in Tabriz Aquifer, Iran

An assessment of groundwater quality for irrigation and drinking purposes around brick kilns in three districts of Balochistan province, Pakistan, through water quality index and multivariate statistical approaches

Drinking Water Analysis of Pokhale Village and Engineering Solutions for its Upgradation

Characterization of heavy metal pollution in an anthropogenically and geologically influenced semi-arid region of east India and assessment of ecological and human health risks.

A review on solar still: a simple desalination technology to obtain potable water

Impact of non-engineered Bhalswa landfill on groundwater from Quaternary alluvium in Yamuna flood plain and potential human health risk, New Delhi, India

Surface and Groundwater Quality in South African Area—Analysis of the Most Critical Pollutants for Drinking Purposes

Harvesting and Potable Use of Rooftop Rain Water to Tackle Imminent Drinking Water Crisis in Coastal Gujarat, India

Investigating the hydrogeochemical processes and quality of water resources in Ojoto and environs using integrated classical methods

Spring water quality assessment using water quality index in villages of Barwari Bala, Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Finding High-Quality Groundwater Resources to Reduce the Hydatidosis Incidence in the Shiqu County of Sichuan Province, China: Analysis, Assessment, and Management

Assessment of Microbial, Physicochemical Quality and Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Bacteria of Drinking Water at Santosh, Tangail, Bangladesh

The AKOBEN programme as a tool towards responsible gold mining in Ghana, business as usual or a commitment towards sustainable development

Fate of Urban Groundwater in Shallow Confined Aquifers. Case Study of Baldia Town, Karachi, Pakistan

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Graphene-based nanomaterials for the removal of pharmaceuticals in drinking water sources

Evaluation of Groundwater Quality for Domestic and Irrigation Suitability from Upper Bhima Basin, Western India: A Hydro-geochemical Perspective

Assessment of the quality of bottled water marketed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Public health effects due to insufficient groundwater quality monitoring in Igando and Agbowo regions in Nigeria: A review

Geo-electric method applied to groundwater protection of a granular sandstone aquifer

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Groundwater salinization and associated co-contamination risk increase severe drinking water vulnerabilities in the southwestern coast of Bangladesh.

Controlling factors and mechanism of groundwater quality variation in semiarid region of South India: an approach of water quality index (WQI) and health risk assessment (HRA)

Study on Quality of Drinking Water in Non-Irrigated Area of Sinnar Taluka, Dist. : Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Effect of Seasonal Variation on Bacterial Inhabitants and Diversity in Drinking Water of an Office Building, Delhi

Evaluation of water quality of Thuthapuzha Sub-basin of Bharathapuzha, Kerala, India

Psychological predictors of public acceptance for urban stormwater reuse

Hydrochemistry of Groundwater in Northeast Part of Anbar Governorate – West of Iraq

Parental perceptions and drinking water source among pediatric population in the United Arab Emirates

Suitability Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Drinking Purpose by Physicochemical Characterization and Water Quality Index from Haveli Region, India

Determination of groundwater parameters for drinking and agricultural use in the coastal region of Engiz Aquifer System, Samsun (Turkey)

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