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The Effects of Parent, Sibling and Peer Substance Use on Adolescent Drinking Behaviors

Trajectories of alcohol use problems based on early adolescent alcohol use: Findings from a 35 year population cohort.

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A Multimodal Mobile Sleep Intervention for Young Adults Engaged in Risky Drinking: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

Cost-effectiveness of individual versus group female-specific cognitive behavioral therapy for alcohol use disorder.

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An Examination of Parental Permissiveness of Alcohol Use and Monitoring, and Their Association with Emerging Adult Drinking Outcomes Across College

Acculturation and alcohol use outcomes: Incremental roles of bicultural orientations among Asian American undergraduate and graduate students.

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Personalized normative feedback for hazardous drinking among college women: Differential outcomes by history of incapacitated rape.

Cultural Anthropology

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Binge drinking following residential treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder among veterans with and without alcohol use disorder.

Evaluating the relationship between binge drinking rates and a replicable measure of U.S. state alcohol policy environments

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Shifts in behavioral allocation patterns as a natural recovery mechanism: Post-resolution expenditure patterns.

Relationship status and drinking-related outcomes in a community sample of lesbian and bisexual women

Examining parental permissiveness toward drinking and perceived ethnic discrimination as risk factors for drinking outcomes among Latinx college students.

Efficacy of Combining Varenicline and Naltrexone for Smoking Cessation and Drinking Reduction: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Association of the Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase C385A Polymorphism with Alcohol Use Severity and Coping Motives in Heavy-drinking Youth.

Alcohol use disorder severity moderates clinical response to varenicline.

Shyness and susceptibility to social influence: Stronger concordance between norms and drinking among shy individuals.

Social network moderators of brief alcohol intervention impact.

THC and CBD effects on alcohol use among alcohol and cannabis co-users.

A Longitudinal Mediation Model of Negative Emotionality, Coping Motives and Drinking Intensity Among Individuals Receiving Community Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder.

Longitudinal effects of social network changes on drinking outcomes for individuals with a first-time DUI.

Do alcohol interventions affect peers who do not receive the intervention? Modeling treatment contagion effects via simulations of adolescent social networks.

Moderators of changes in smoking, drinking and quitting behaviour associated with the first COVID-19 lockdown in England.

Brief Negative Affect Focused Functional Imagery Training Abolishes Stress-Induced Alcohol Choice in Hazardous Student Drinkers

Personality Traits and Alcohol Use and Misuse

Moderators of changes in smoking, drinking, and quitting behaviour associated with the first Covid-19 lockdown in England

Testing the efficacy of motivational strategies, empathic reflections, and lifelike features in a computerized intervention for alcohol use: A factorial trial.

Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy: In-session behavior, active ingredients and mechanisms of behavior change.

Reduction in Drinking was Associated With Improved Clinical Outcomes in Women With HIV Infection and Unhealthy Alcohol Use: Results From a Randomized Clinical Trial of Oral Naltrexone Versus Placebo.

Narcissism and Devaluing Others: An Exploration of Impaired Control Over Drinking as a Mediating Mechanism of Alcohol-Related Problems.

Working Memory Training in Alcohol Use Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Neighborhood factors, drinking behavior, and alcohol use disorder in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Elucidating the Effect of a Brief Drinking Intervention Using Neuroimaging: A Preliminary Study

Consumption outcomes in clinical trials of alcohol use disorder treatment: Consideration of standard drink misestimation

Feasibility, acceptability and preliminary outcomes of a mindfulness-based relapse prevention program in a naturalistic setting among treatment-seeking patients with alcohol use disorder: a prospective observational study

Physical exercise in the treatment of alcohol use disorder (AUD) patients affects their drinking habits: A randomized controlled trial

Temporal pathways of change in two randomized controlled trials for depression and harmful drinking in Goa, India

Alcohol Use Disorder and Depressive Disorders

The Interplay Between Subjective Response to Alcohol, Craving, and Alcohol Self‐Administration in the Human Laboratory

Associations between socio-economic factors and alcohol consumption: A population survey of adults in England

Heavy and binge alcohol drinking and parenting status in the United States from 2006 to 2018: An analysis of nationally representative cross-sectional surveys

Is fidelity to motivational interviewing associated with alcohol outcomes in treatment-seeking 60+ year-old citizens?

My friends, I’m #SOTALLYTOBER: A longitudinal examination of college students’ drinking, friends’ approval of drinking, and Facebook alcohol-related posts

Mental illness, drinking, and the social division and structure of labor in the United States: 2003‐2015

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