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A measure of expectancies for alcohol analgesia: Preliminary factor analysis, reliability, and validity.

Substance use in a sexual context: the association of sex-related substance use motives with substance choice and use behaviors

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Differences in motives by personality risk profiles: Examining regular youth and young adult e-cigarette users

Modeling the Distinct Negative-Reinforcement Mechanisms Associated with Alcohol Misuse and Unhealthy Snacking

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and future alcohol outcomes: Examining the roles of coping and enhancement drinking motives among young men

Situational context and motives of alcohol use among graduate student drinkers.

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The role of positive affect in the association between stress and college student alcohol use.

Feasibility Pilot of a Brief Mindfulness Intervention for College Students with Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Problem Drinking

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Sport-Related and Psychosocial Factors Associated With Motives and Consequences Of Alcohol and Cannabis Use Among NCAA Athletes: A Systematic Review.

Transitions Catalyst Model: Testing within- and between-Person Associations between Social Relationships and Alcohol Use, Motives, and Consequences among Young Adults

Drinking Motives sentence examples within drinking motives questionnaire

Association of the Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase C385A Polymorphism with Alcohol Use Severity and Coping Motives in Heavy-drinking Youth.

A peer-led survey of student alcohol Behaviours and motives in undergraduate students

Drinking Motives sentence examples within drinking motives may

In the eye of the drinker: Drinking motives influence the effectiveness of conditioning implicit alcohol attitudes.

Depressive symptoms, ruminative thinking, marijuana use motives, and marijuana outcomes: A multiple mediation model among college students in five countries.

Temperament and character of patients with alcohol toxicity during COVID − 19 pandemic

Binge drinking before and after a COVID-19 campus closure among first-year college students.

Brief Online Negative Affect Focused Functional Imagery Training Improves 2-Week Drinking Outcomes in Hazardous Student Drinkers: a Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial

Associations between Mental Health, Alcohol Consumption and Drinking Motives during COVID-19 Second Lockdown in Ireland

Change processes in cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing for depression and heavy alcohol use: A network approach

Drinking Behavior, Taste Preferences and Special Beer Perception among Romanian University Students: A Qualitative Assessment Research

Romantic relationship status, stress, and maturing out of problematic drinking.

Coping-motivated escalations in adolescent alcohol problems following early adversity.

A daily level analysis of drinking to cope motivation and interpersonal stress.

Associations of perceived drinking motives of parents and friends on adolescents’ own drinking motives

Data from “Perfectionism, Negative Motives for Drinking, and Alcohol-Related Problems: A 21-day Diary Study”

Longitudinal associations with alcohol consumption during the first COVID-19 lockdown: Associations with mood, drinking motives, context of drinking, and mental health.

Examining changes in drinking motives and their influence on drinking behaviors among heavy drinkers during their first year of college.

A Web-Based Cognitive Bias Modification Intervention (Re-train Your Brain) for Emerging Adults With Co-occurring Social Anxiety and Hazardous Alcohol Use: Protocol for a Multiarm Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial

Testing both affordability-availability and psychological-coping mechanisms underlying changes in alcohol use during the COVID-19 pandemic

A matter of perspective: The convergent and incremental validity of informant-reported drinking motives.

Drinking to Fit in: The Effects of Drinking Motives and Self-Esteem on Alcohol Use among Female College Students.

Drinking motives and their associations with alcohol use among adolescents in Sweden

Lifetime heavy drinking years predict alcohol use disorder severity over and above current alcohol use

Exploring the use of workplaces to recruit “hard-to-reach” male drinkers to a survey on alcohol use and awareness of health messages

Moderating Effects of the Ego-Energy in Relation to Stress, Drinking Motives, and Depression in Korean Adult Males

Sex-related impelling cues uniquely predict event-level alcohol-related sexual behavior that poses heightened risk for negative consequences among college women.

Personality Traits and Alcohol Use and Misuse


Drinking Motives and Drinking Behaviors in Romantic Couples: A Longitudinal Actor-Partner Interdependence Model

Suggestibility is associated with alcohol self-administration, subjective alcohol effects, and self-reported drinking behavior

Relations among motives, negative urgency, and mindfulness skills in college drinkers.

Disentangling the Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Problematic Alcohol Use Among College Students: Evidence From a Cluster Analytic Approach.

What about this time? Within- and between-person associations between drinking motives and alcohol outcomes.

The relationship between substance use, experiential avoidance, and personally meaningful experiences

Relations of Stress and Drinking Motives to Young Adult Alcohol Misuse: Variations by Gender

Alcohol Use and Emerging Adult Development: a Latent Profile Analysis of Community Drinkers

Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Coping Motives Mediate the Association Between Childhood Maltreatment and Alcohol Problems.

Gender differences in drinking behavior among Latino/a heavy drinkers.

Drinking motives supporting binge drinking of Inuit adolescents

The association between drinking motives and alcohol-related harms among university students in Wales: a survey across seven universities

The Sequential Indirect Effect of Negative Urgency on Drinking Consequences Through Distress Intolerance and Drinking Motives: Initial Examination in College Students Reporting Past Month Alcohol Use

Adolescent but not adult Sprague-Dawley rats display goal-directed responding after reward devaluation.

Understanding profiles of student binge drinking and eating: The importance of motives.

Cross-Cultural Examination of Negative Alcohol-Related Consequences: Measurement Invariance of the Young Adult Alcohol Consequences Questionnaire in Spain, Argentina, and USA

Corrigendum to “Binging at the campus: motivations and impulsivity influence binge drinking profiles in university students” [Psychiatry Research (2017) 146–154]

Within- and between-person associations from mood to alcohol consequences: The mediating role of enhancement and coping drinking motives.

Sexual Victimization and Sex-Related Drinking Motives: How Protective is Emotion Regulation?

I drink alone: Mechanisms of risk for alcohol problems in solitary drinkers.

Alcohol Use and Drinking Motives Among Suddenly Bereaved College Students

Drinking Motives, Perceived Norms, and Adolescents’ Drinking

Spatial Anticipatory Attentional Bias for Alcohol: A Preliminary Report on Reliability and Associations with Risky Drinking

Effectiveness of a web-based screening and brief intervention with weekly text-message-initiated individualised prompts for reducing risky alcohol use among teenagers: study protocol of a randomised controlled trial within the ProHEAD consortium

Effects of alcohol intoxication on self‐reported drinking patterns, expectancies, motives and personality: a randomized controlled experimental study

Psychometric Validation of the Brief Alcohol Social Density Assessment in an Adult Community Sample.

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