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Changing the culture of drinking: the public houses in Carlisle before and after the introduction of The State Management Scheme in 1916

Predicting hazardous drinking in late adolescence/young adulthood from early and excessive adolescent drinking - a longitudinal cross-national study of Norwegian and Australian adolescents

Decline in alcohol consumption in Russia: Collectivity or polarisation?

Tackling student drinking within the drinking subculture of a university sports competition: a culture change approach

A psychometric analysis of the Daily Drinking Questionnaire in a nationally representative sample of young adults from a Mediterranean drinking culture.

A Mixed Methods Cross-Cultural Study to Compare Youth Drinking Cultures in Italy and the USA.

Grimy Heritage: Organic Bar Streets in Shanghai and Tokyo

University Alcohol Policy: Findings from Mixed Methods Research and Implications for Students’ Drinking Practices

Factors Associated With Intention to Moderate Drinking Among Student Drinkers

The collectivity of British alcohol consumption trends across different temporal processes: A quantile age-period-cohort analysis.

Social Media and Young Adults’ Drinking Cultures: Research Themes, Technological Developments and Key Emerging Concepts

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