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Trung Nguyen Group and the Global Coffee Dream: Advantage at Home but Also Abroad?

Culture of Drinking Coffee as a Brand Culture Communication on Belitung Island

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Understanding contraceptive behaviour to prevent unintended alcohol-exposed pregnancies

Gender Equality, Drinking Cultures and Second-Hand Harms from Alcohol in the 50 US States

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Predicting hazardous drinking in late adolescence/young adulthood from early and excessive adolescent drinking - a longitudinal cross-national study of Norwegian and Australian adolescents

Persone con alcol-dipendenza in trattamento in Toscana e in Friuli Venezia Giulia: uno studio epidemiologico

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The analysis and identification of charred suspected tea remains unearthed from Warring State Period Tomb

The analysis and identification of charred suspected tea remains unearthed from Warring State Period Tomb

Decline in alcohol consumption in Russia: Collectivity or polarisation?

Drinking Trajectories and Factors in Koreans

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Trends in alcohol consumption among adolescents in Europe: Do changes occur in concert?

What people drink and where they drink informs us about their personality

Cocaine Rituals in Club Culture: Intensifying and Controlling Alcohol Intoxication

Tropical Hospitality, British Masculinity, and Drink in Late Eighteenth-Century Jamaica

Tackling student drinking within the drinking subculture of a university sports competition: a culture change approach

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Effects of Alcohol Mixed with Energy Drink (AMED) Consumption on Overall Alcohol Consumption and Related Consequences

[Age-specific trends in risky drinking in Germany: collectivity or polarisation?]

Trends in Alcohol Consumption for Korean Adults from 1998 to 2018: Korea National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey

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Drinking cultures and socioeconomic risk factors for alcohol and drug use disorders among first- and second-generation immigrants: A longitudinal analysis of Swedish population data.

Changes in Alcoholic Beverage Choice and Risky Drinking among Adolescents in Europe 1999–2019

A psychometric analysis of the Daily Drinking Questionnaire in a nationally representative sample of young adults from a Mediterranean drinking culture.


Changing the culture of drinking: the public houses in Carlisle before and after the introduction of The State Management Scheme in 1916

Patterns of drinking alcohol and intentions to binge drink among medical students in Vietnam.

A Mixed Methods Cross-Cultural Study to Compare Youth Drinking Cultures in Italy and the USA.

Grimy Heritage: Organic Bar Streets in Shanghai and Tokyo

University Alcohol Policy: Findings from Mixed Methods Research and Implications for Students’ Drinking Practices

A fetal alcohol spectrum disorder diagnostic service and beyond: Outcomes for families.

A Commentary on the Dose-Response Relationship of Alcohol and Injury: Effects of Country-Level Drinking Patterns and Alcohol Policies.

Temperature Measurement and Control System for Refrigerated Vehicle

Influencing the Binge-Drinking Culture on a College Campus

Students’ perceptions of barriers to moderate drinking: A comparison between a wet and a dry drinking culture

Factors Associated With Intention to Moderate Drinking Among Student Drinkers

The collectivity of British alcohol consumption trends across different temporal processes: A quantile age-period-cohort analysis.

Social Media and Young Adults’ Drinking Cultures: Research Themes, Technological Developments and Key Emerging Concepts

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