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Repetitive Blast Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Increases Ethanol Sensitivity in Male Mice and Risky Drinking Behavior in Male Combat Veterans.

A daily-life study of interpersonal stressors and alcohol use in individuals with borderline personality disorder and community controls.

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within Alcohol Drinking Behaviors

Sexual Experience, Suicidal Behaviors and Depression Association, and Its Tendency to Lead to Smoking and Alcohol Consumption among Korean Adolescents

Major depressive symptoms and escalation of drinking among new drinkers in the United States: Variations across sex and age groups.

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within Risky Drinking Behaviors

Alcohol Consumption among Freshman College Students in Spain: Individual and Pooled Analyses of Three Cross-Sectional Surveys (2005, 2012 and 2016)

Unpacking genetic risk pathways for college student alcohol consumption: The mediating role of impulsivity.

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within Problematic Drinking Behaviors

Adolescent Experiences with Self-Asphyxial Behaviors and Problematic Drinking in Emerging Adulthood

[Effectiveness of Drinking Reduction Program Focused on Self-Determination Enhancement for College Students with Problematic Drinking].

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within Binge Drinking Behaviors

Where, When, and How Alcohol Use Occurs During Air Force Technical Training.

Cohabitation dissolution and psychological distress among young adults: The role of parenthood and gender

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within Problem Drinking Behaviors

A Latent Class Analysis of DUI Offender Motivation and Awareness as Predictors of Performance While on Alcohol Ignition Interlocks

Pre- and Post-Immigration Correlates of Alcohol Misuse among Young Adult Recent Latino Immigrants: An Ecodevelopmental Approach

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within Hazardou Drinking Behaviors

Alcohol Use Disorder Risk and Protective Factors and Associated Harms Among Pacific Islander Young Adults

The feasibility of using smartphones and mobile breathalyzers to monitor alcohol consumption among people living with HIV/AIDS

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within Motivated Drinking Behaviors

Revisiting resilience: Examining the relationships between stress, social support, and drinking behavior among black college students with parental substance use disorder histories.

The cost of minority stress: Risky alcohol use and coping-motivated drinking behavior in African American college students

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within Increase Drinking Behaviors

A Laughing Matter? How Humor in Alcohol Ads Influences Interpersonal Communication and Persuasion

Picture Me Drinking: Alcohol-Related Posts by Instagram Influencers Popular Among Adolescents and Young Adults

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within Excessive Drinking Behaviors

Genetic Relationships Between Ethanol-Induced Conditioned Place Aversion and Other Ethanol Phenotypes in 15 Inbred Mouse Strains

“It Just Kind of Happens”: College Students’ Rationalizations for Blackout Drinking

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within Change Drinking Behaviors

Results of a Randomized Trial of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) to Reduce Alcohol Misuse Among Active-Duty Military Personnel.

Characterizing Alcohol Use Behaviors among Homeless Men and Women.

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within Influence Drinking Behaviors

Acetaldehyde Enhances Alcohol Sensitivity and Protects against Alcoholism: Evidence from Alcohol Metabolism in Subjects with Variant ALDH2*2 Gene Allele

Proximity and Density of Alcohol Outlets as a Risk Factor of Alcohol Abuse Amongst the Youth: A Case Study of a Border Town in Northern Region of Namibia

Drinking Behaviors sentence examples within drinking behaviors among

The Efficacy of Motivational Interviewing with Cognitive Behavioral Treatment on Behavior Changes in Heavy Drinkers

Psychological stress, smoking, and hazardous drinking behaviors in South Korea: findings from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Behavioral responses to the 2015 MERS epidemic in Korea

Thermographic imaging of mouse across circadian time reveals body surface temperature elevation associated with non-locomotor body movements

Approach and avoidance alcohol inclinations in heavy drinking college students: An ecological momentary assessment study.

Validation of the Japanese version of the Sleep Hygiene Practice Scale.

Responses of Outdoor Housed Dairy Cows to Shade Access during the Prepartum Period under Temperate Summer Conditions

The effect of acute alcohol intoxication on alcohol cue salience: An event-related brain potential study.

Effects of government cash subsidies on health risk behaviors of the rural elderly: Evidence from social pension expansions in China

Examining the Interaction Between Potentially Morally Injurious Events and Religiosity in Relation to Alcohol Misuse Among Military Veterans.

Do college students feel confident to consent to sex after consuming alcohol?

Pre-game drinking among young adults and its association with positive and negative alcohol consequences.

Alcohol use during the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean

Does migrant workers develop higher health risk behaviors from less social support and higher work stress than their college in originate country? - Relationship between work stress, social support and health risk behaviors among Thai workers in Thailand and Taiwan

The influence of shade availability on the effectiveness of the Dairy Heat Load Index (DHLI) to predict lactating cow behavior, physiology, and production traits

Nuf2 Is a Prognostic-Related Biomarker and Correlated With Immune Infiltrates in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Genetic parameters of drinking and feeding traits of wean-to-finish pigs under a polymicrobial natural disease challenge

Self-reported drinking behaviors and observed violation of state-mandated social restriction and alcohol control measures during the COVID-19 pandemic: Findings from nationally-representative surveys in Thailand.

Residual alcohol use disorder symptoms after treatment predict long-term drinking outcomes in seniors with DSM-5 alcohol use disorder.

Differential effects of quinine-adulteration of alcohol on seeking and drinking.

Social networking service, patient-generated health data, and population health informatics: patterns and implications for using digital technologies to support mental health

Risk factors associated with alcohol and drug use among bisexual women: A literature review.

The Russian translations of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT): A document analysis and discussion of implementation challenges

Drinking Behavior Among College Students: Interventions to Increase Mindfulness and Social Capital

Deep Learning Classification of Canine Behavior Using a Single Collar-Mounted Accelerometer: Real-World Validation

More Drinking Behaviors 飲酒行動 sentence examples

Drinking behavior among government employees in Changsha and its influencing factors.

Examining factors associated with postintervention recidivism in DUI repeat offenders after alcohol treatment: One-year follow-up study.

A Daily Examination of Anger and Alcohol Use Among Post-9/11 Veterans


Thirst and drinking in North American watersnakes (Nerodia spp.)

Latent profiles of impulsivity facets and associations with drinking behaviors.

Parental Psychological Control, Social Capital, Substance Use, and Driving Under the Influence among College Students: Sex Differences

The Development of Drinking Trajectories Among Australian Young Adults.

Effects of perceived parenting styles and mental health on drinking behaviors

An ultra-high frequency radio frequency identification system for studying individual feeding and drinking behaviors of group-housed broilers

Educational attainment and drinking behaviors: Mendelian randomization study in UK Biobank

Effect of alcohol use disorder on cellular aging

Risk and protective effects of social networks on alcohol use problems among Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers.

Comparison of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Tongue between Young and Old Patients

MicroRNA-137 Drives Epigenetic Reprogramming in the Adult Amygdala and Behavioral Changes after Adolescent Alcohol Exposure

Analysis of the alcohol drinking behavior and influencing factors among emerging adults and young adults: a cross-sectional study in Wuhan, China

Sleep-related functional impairment as a moderator of risky drinking and subsequent negative drinking consequences in college students.

More Drinking Behaviors 飲酒行動 sentence examples

[Association between drinking and all-cause mortality in patients with ischemic stroke].

Overall health and drinking behavior among pregnant and breastfeeding women in Korea

Cognitive performance and mood after a normal night of drinking: A naturalistic alcohol hangover study in a non-student sample

Alcohol use disorder and associated factors among individuals living with HIV in Hawassa City, Ethiopia: a facility based cross- sectional study

Tailored texts: An application of regulatory fit to text messages designed to reduce high-risk drinking

Reduced resting‐state functional connectivity and sleep impairment in abstinent male alcohol‐dependent patients

Behavior-induced health condition monitoring of caged chickens using binocular vision

Sex and Individual Differences in Alcohol Intake Are Associated with Differences in Ketamine Self-Administration Behaviors and Nucleus Accumbens Dendritic Spine Density

Human Plasma BDNF Is Associated With Amygdala-Prefrontal Cortex Functional Connectivity and Problem Drinking Behaviors

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