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Effect of body mass index on the association between alcohol consumption and the development of chronic kidney disease

Longitudinal study of the relationship between coffee consumption and type 2 diabetes in Chinese adult residents: Data from China Health and Nutrition Survey

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within low risk drinking

Knowledge of low-risk drinking and its relationship with a reduction in alcohol consumption: Results from six waves of an Australian national survey.

Engaging in Community Dialogues on Low-Risk Alcohol Use Guidelines for Older Adults

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Reported Drinking Alcohol

Factors Associated With Owning a Fake ID: Personality Traits and Problematic Alcohol Use

Alcohol consumption in the general population is associated with structural changes in multiple organ systems

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Report Drinking Alcohol

678 Predictors of Sleep Health among Older Adults During the Initial Months of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Real-time reports of drinking to cope: Associations with subjective relief from alcohol and changes in negative affect.

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Stop Drinking Alcohol

Joint Predictors of Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes Among Adults Under Treatment in Amhara Region (North-Western Ethiopia)

My Father’s Ring

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Started Drinking Alcohol

Voluntary Adolescent-Onset Alcohol Drinking Fails to Influence Alcohol Consumption or Anxiety-Like Behaviour in Adulthood in Female Alcohol-Preferring Rats.

Earlier Alcohol Use and Lower Neuropsychological Performance in Brazilian Adolescence: Is the School Environment Related to This?

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Never Drinking Alcohol

A Digital Health Tool to Understand and Prevent Cannabis-Impaired Driving Among Youth: A Cross-sectional Study of Responses to a Brief Intervention for Cannabis Use

Health Behaviors, Food Purchasing, and Meal Preparation in a Sample of South Asian Adults in America: A Pilot Study

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Person Drinking Alcohol

A Multilevel Study of Alcohol Consumption in Young Adults: Self-Efficacy, Peers’ Motivations and Protective Strategies

Associations between Harmful Experiences from Alcohol Use of Others and Mental Health in Korean Adolescents

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Binge Drinking Alcohol

Binge Drinking, Tobacco, and Marijuana Use Among Young Adult Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Longitudinal Study

Selecting Patients at Risk of Developing DKA on Gliflozins

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Ever Drinking Alcohol

Health-related quality of life and its related factors in coronary heart disease patients: results from the Henan Rural Cohort study

Tobacco Use Among Reproductive Age Women in Ethiopia: Evidence from the National Health Survey

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Included Drinking Alcohol

Predictors of Alcohol Use Disorders in Argentinean Pregnant Women

Dyslipidemia is a Risk Factor for the Incidence and Severity of Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI): A Retrospective Population-Based Study in China

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Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Denied Drinking Alcohol

Treatment of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome-Associated Nausea with Haloperidol: A Case Report

Case Report: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus for The Elderly with Less Family Support

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Currently Drinking Alcohol

Health behaviors among male and female university students in Cambodia: a cross-sectional survey

Prevalence and risk factors for initiating tobacco and alcohol consumption in adolescents living in urban and rural Ethiopia

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Stopped Drinking Alcohol

Pancreatic enzyme replacement for refractory multiple large pancreatic cysts.

Pure cystic groove pancreatitis: endosonographic appearance.

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Without Drinking Alcohol

Design of Personal Mobility Safety System Using AI

Can’t dance without being drunk? Exploring the enjoyment and acceptability of conscious clubbing in young people

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Friend Drinking Alcohol

Social Media and Health: Emerging Trends and Future Directions for Research on Young Adults

Self-Perceptions and Factors Associated With Being Put Down at School Among Middle and High School Students.

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Woman Drinking Alcohol


Exposure and Loss of Environmental Enrichment Mediates Ethanol Consumption in Adolescent Female Rats

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Reporting Drinking Alcohol

Concurrent validity of an Estimator of Weekly Alcohol Consumption (EWAC) based on the Extended AUDIT.

Linkage to hepatitis C care after incarceration in jail: a prospective, single arm clinical trial

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Heavy Drinking Alcohol

Safety of nalmefene for the treatment of alcohol use disorder: an update

Alterations in Serum Zinc and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Concentrations in Treatment-Naive HIV-Diagnosed Alcohol-Dependent Subjects with Liver Injury.

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Spent Drinking Alcohol

Modeling Alcohol Use Disorder as a Set of Interconnected Symptoms - Assessing Differences between Clinical and Population Samples and Across External Factors

Modeling alcohol use disorder as a set of interconnected symptoms - Assessing differences between clinical and population samples and across external factors.

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within Involf Drinking Alcohol

Learning How Not to Know: Pragmatism, (In)expertise, and the Training of American Helping Professionals

Sex-related impelling cues uniquely predict event-level alcohol-related sexual behavior that poses heightened risk for negative consequences among college women.

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within drinking alcohol regularly

May Measurement Month 2019: an analysis of blood pressure screening results from Venezuela, Latin America

Sociodemographic and behavioural correlates of lifetime number of sexual partners: findings from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within drinking alcohol increase

Alcohol and Cancer: Epidemiology and Biological Mechanisms

Impact of Diarrhea after Drinking on Colorectal Tumor Risk: A Case Control Study

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within drinking alcohol may

Implications of COVID-19 on Alcoholism: New Battle of the Health Care System

Factors associated with the subjective health complaints among adolescents: Results from the ASSO Project

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within drinking alcohol moderately

Learning How Not to Know: Pragmatism, (In)expertise, and the Training of American Helping Professionals

OWE-33 Can moderate alcohol consumption decrease pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) risk? a systematic review and meta-analysis

Drinking Alcohol sentence examples within drinking alcohol every

Premarital sexual practice and associated factors among high school youths in Debretabor town, South Gondar zone, North West Ethiopia, 2017

Sexual and physical violence and associated factors among female sex workers in Rwanda: a cross-sectional survey

O-159 Prediction of weight loss and drop-out in a lifestyle intervention in women with pcos: A randomized controlled trial

Alcohol consumption among older adults with symptoms of cognitive decline consulting specialist health care.

The association between BMI, smoking, drinking and thyroid disease: a cross-sectional study in Wuhan, China

Epidemiological investigation of hospitalized patients with traumatic fractures: a cross-sectional study

928-P: Psychosocial Factors in Diabetes-Specific Risk Taking among Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes

Drinking to Cope with Posttraumatic Stress: A Nationally Representative Study of Men with and without Military Combat Experience

Alcohol Cessation in Late Life is Associated with Lower Risk of Cognitive Impairment among the Older Adults in China.

Endorsement of specific alcohol use disorder criterion items changes with age in individuals with persistent alcohol use disorders in 2 generations of the San Diego Prospective Study.

Early Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Sleep in a Large Spanish Sample.

Leisure time activities and biomarkers of chronic stress: The mediating roles of alcohol consumption and smoking.

COVID-19 Infection risk posed by drinking alcohol at restaurants or bars in Japan

The influence of negative mood on solitary drinking preference: An experiment with young adult solitary drinkers

Food and alcohol disturbance in a broad age-range adult sample.

The Role of Context Conditioning in the Reinstatement of Responding to an Alcohol-Predictive Conditioned Stimulus

Prevalence and Influencing Factors of Overweight and Obesity among Adult Residents of Western China: A Cross-Sectional Study

Self-care practice and associated factors among adult asthmatic patients on follow-up care at Northwest Amhara referral hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia 2020

Factors that Influence Satisfaction of People Living with HIV(PLHIV) with Differentiated ART Delivery Models in East Central Uganda: A Cross-Sectional Study

Factors Associated with Gender-Based Violence Perpetration by Male High School Students in Eastern Ethiopia.

The level of religiosity and health behaviour of the elderly people. Pilot study

Chronic Liver Disease Association with Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis: Clinical and Histopathological Presentation- A Case Report

Telehealth to Avoid Emergency Department Visit and Hospitalization for a Person With Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic

Risk factors for rebleeding in patients with obscure gastrointestinal bleeding from southern China

Prediction model for the risk of osteoporosis incorporating factors of disease history and living habits in physical examination of population in Chongqing, Southwest China: based on artificial neural network

Biblical Mentorship as Discipleship to Enhance Adventist Students’ Commitment to Faith: A Practical Model for Nurturing and Retention Strategies at the University of Arusha in Tanzania

Effects of acute alcohol consumption on neuronal activity and cerebral vasomotor response

The Internet as a space for Anonymous Alcoholics self-help groups to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic

Psychometric analysis and validity of the Daily Sexual Minority Stressors Scale among young adult same-sex female couples.

Road Accident Prevention by Detecting Drowsiness & Ensure Safety Issues

Determinants of postmenopausal osteoporosis

Dietary, physical exercises and mental stress in a Chinese population: a cross-sectional study

Prevalence and associated factors of school bullying among Chinese college students in Changsha, China.

Policing cities: Incivility, disorder, and societal transformations

Tweets to escape: Intercultural differences in consumer expectations and risk behavior during the COVID-19 lockdown in three European countries

Influence of family history, body mass index, selected dietary factors, personal habits, and menstrual history on oily skin in young women.

The use of herbal products during pregnancy: which is the risk perception

The Situation of Individuals Aged 70+ Years During the Corona Lockdown in Germany on the Example of the Population-based AugUR Study

Questioning policy representations of women’s alcohol consumption: Implications for social work

Multiple drugs


Predictors of Congenital Anomalies Among Newborns in Arsi Zone Public Hospitals, Southeast Ethiopia: a Case-control Study

Alcohol Quantity and Type on Risk of Gouty tophi

Determinant Factors Stroke Prevention Behavior among Hypertension Patient in Indonesia

Lifelog Data-Based Prediction Model of Digital Health Care App Customer Churn: Retrospective Observational Study

The convulsive syndrome in the structure of alcohol withdrawal syndrome with delirium

100 Years of the Police in the Face of Petty Offences

Determinants of Opportunistic Infections Among HIV-Positive Patients on HAART in Debre Berhan Referral Hospital, North Shoa Zone, Ethiopia, 2020: A Case–Control Study

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