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Customer mistreatment and employee customer-focused voice: the bright and dark sides of felt trust

Immune Monitoring during Therapy Reveals Activitory and Regulatory Immune Responses in High-Risk Neuroblastoma

Double-edged effects of work-related technology use after hours on employee well-being and recovery: The role of appraisal and its determinants

Double-edged effects of polyvinyl chloride addition on heavy metal separation and biochar production during pyrolysis of Cd/Zn hyperaccumulator.

The mixed blessing of supervisor bottom-line mentality: examining the moderating role of gender

User design as a double-edged sword: exploring perceived self-improvement and uncertainty in purchasing utilitarian products

Fostering creativity in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams: The importance of team building and team management

Feeling Trusted or Feeling Used? The Relationship Between Perceived Leader Trust, Reciprocation Wariness, and Proactive Behavior

Double-edged effects caused by magnesium ions and alkaline environment regulate bioactivities of magnesium-incorporated silicocarnotite in vitro

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Double Edged Effects 両刃の効果の概要

Double Edged Effects 両刃の効果
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