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Internet of Management Artifacts: Internet of Things Architecture for Business Model Renewal

Subwersja, nie sztuka. Korzenie, założenia i problemy fan studies

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Actor-Network Theory as a Supplement to Study News

From Mosaic to Systemic Redux: The Conceptual Foundation of Resilience and Its Operational Implications for Water Resource Management

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Bad Habitus: Anthropology in the Age of the Multimodal

Mirroring Power: Ethnogenesis and Integration among the Phunoy of Northern Laos by Vanina Bouté (review)

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Routinely collected data as real-world evidence for physiotherapy practice

Safety-I, Safety-II and burnout: how complexity science can help clinician wellness

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Adaptive security architectural model for protecting identity federation in service oriented computing

Νοn-Classical Paradigms in Contract Law in the American, European and Russian Legal Doctrines

Chiefs, custom and the state in Samoa and Vanuatu: hybridity as a tool for assessing governance in complex polities

Pacifying Muslims in Germany’s ‘City of Peace’: interreligious dialogue as a tool of governance in Osnabrück

Rhizomatic Research Design in a Smooth Space of Learning

Steel Structures that Breathe: Two Extensively Glazed Buildings that Integrate Natural Ventilation within Structural Members

The extent to which an unforeseen biotic disturbance can challenge timber expectations

The Foundations and Goals of Psychology: Contrasting Ontological, Epistemological and Ethical Foundations in India and the West

Dictionaries of deep features for land-use scene classification of very high spatial resolution images

The first revolution: Taking Jaak Panksepp seriously: Group analysis and the neuroscience of emotion

Understanding the over-representation of lesbian or bisexual women in the Australian prisoner population

Rising rural body-mass index is the main driver of the global obesity epidemic in adults

American caudillo: Princely performative populism and democracy in the Americas

Rising rural body-mass index is the main driver of the global obesity epidemic in adults

Bridging population genetics and the metacommunity perspective to unravel the biogeographic processes shaping genetic differentiation of Myriophyllum alterniflorum DC.

Political Economy of Turkey (1980–2001)

Waves of prediction

Modern Mathematics in Belgian Secondary and Primary Education: Between Radicalism and Pragmatism

Cortical Glutamate/GABA Imbalance after Combined Radiation Exposure: Relevance to Human Deep-Space Missions

Maternidade e biopolítica na Argentina: Gregório Aráoz Alfaro, El Libro de las Madres e o eugenismo (1870-1955)

The Geography of the Bottom Billion: Rural Isolation and Basic Service Access in the Republic of Mali

Modeling personality structure using semantic relationships: Is the HEXACO Honesty-Humility a distinct trait?

Ensuring Access to Government Information

Bilingualism as a Borderland: Researching Youth’s Practices, Perspectives, and Positioning Between Languages

‘To Shock the Conscience’: Rhetoric in Death Penalty Judgements of the Supreme Court of India

Determinants of CSR Commitments: A Theoretical Dimension

A Reply

The Handicap Principle: how an erroneous hypothesis became a scientific principle

Enativismo e conhecimento prático

How to Manage Projects in Industry4.0 Environment: Aligning Management Style With Complexity


How Neoliberalism Is Shaping the Supply of Unhealthy Commodities and What This Means for NCD Prevention

The three types of power distribution, that structure decentralization in South America

Computational Modeling Applied to the Dot-Probe Task Yields Improved Reliability and Mechanistic Insights

Bernard Fisher: US surgeon who pioneered a scientific approach for breast cancer treatment

Transformation of the Space in the context of Neoliberal Urbanization: The Case of İzmir New City Centre, Turkey

Pervasive Strong Selection at the Level of Codon Usage Bias in Drosophila melanogaster

Thorns into Gold: Contemporary Jewish American Responses to Antisemitism in Traditional Fairy Tales

Explaining mental health recovery in the context of structural disadvantage: the unrealised potential of critical realism

Robert Heilbroner and Keynesian Public Finance

Generalized Architecture for Reconfigurable Hardware Security Incorporating PKI

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