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Design Attributes sentence examples within Urban Design Attributes

Traditional and novel walkable built environment metrics and social capital

Walkable Urban Design Attributes and Japanese Older Adults’ Body Mass Index: Mediation Effects of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior

Design Attributes sentence examples within Product Design Attributes

Forecasting the importance of product attributes using online customer reviews and Google Trends

Development of a design based remanufacturability index for automobile systems

Design Attributes sentence examples within Different Design Attributes

Augmented Reality for Maritime Navigation Assistance - Egocentric Depth Perception in Large Distance Outdoor Environments

A Study on Consumers’ Preferences for the Palace Museum’s Cultural and Creative Products from the Perspective of Cultural Sustainability

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Design Attributes sentence examples within Biophilic Design Attributes

How does the biophilic design of building projects impact consumers’ responses? – Case of retail stores

How the Biophilic Design Social Movement Informs Planning and Policy

Design Attributes sentence examples within System Design Attributes

Design and Testing of a Spherical Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Shipwreck Interior Exploration

[DC] Designing VR for Teamwork: The Influence of HMD VR Communication Capabilities on Teamwork Competencies

Design Attributes sentence examples within design attributes compared

Economic spillover of design awards in the multifamily residential context

Nurse and Patient Perceptions and Preferences for Subcutaneous Autoinjectors for Inflammatory Joint or Bowel Disease: Findings from a European Survey

Smell in Industrial Design: A Systematic Review


Design and Development of Sustainable Product Service Systems Based on Design-Centric Complexity

Romi: Screen Peripheral Companion for Mediating Children’s Healthy Screen Use

Using a multistakeholder collaboratory and patient surveys to inform the conduct of personalized (N-of-1) trials.

Role of Design Attributes to Determine the Intention to Use Online Learning via Cognitive Beliefs

Design Of Edc Machine Case And Stand Using House Of Quality And Anthropometry Measurement

EMVE-DeCK: A Theory-Based Framework for Designing and Tailoring Persuasive Technology

Designing for Curves

Designing the best avatar to reach millennials: gender differences in a restaurant choice

Cordic Architecture for Discrete Cosine Transform

How Consumer Environmental Responsibility Affects the Purchasing Intention of Design Furniture Products

Evaluating outdoor thermal comfort in “Haats” – The open air markets in a humid subtropical region

A Novel Multiplier-Less LMS Adaptive Filter Design Based on Offset Binary Coded Distributed Arithmetic

Psycholinguistic features, design attributes, and respondent-reported cognition predict response time to patient-reported outcome measure items

Relationship between Perceived UX Design Attributes and Persuasive Features: A Case Study of Fitness App

Public transit infrastructure and heat perceptions in hot and dry climates

Introduction of a new AAC symbol classification system: the multidimensional quaternary symbol continuum (MQSC)

Mechanobiological assessment of Ti-6Al-4V fabricated via selective laser melting technique: a review

The prototype for X framework: exploring the effects of a structured prototyping framework on functional prototypes

Design Factors for Sustainable University Campus via Interval Type 2 Fuzzy Set

Evaluating livability and perceived values of sustainable neighborhood design: New Urbanism and original urban suburbs

Competitive Projects and Their Design Outcomes

Dealing With Feeling Crowded on Public Transport: The Potential Role of Design:

A methodology for extracting expectation effect in user-product interactions for multisensory experience design

Towards a Conceptual Design Framework for Emotional Communication Systems for Long-Distance Relationships

Application of conjoint analysis to the optimum design for fabric printing patterns

Inference of relevant BIM objects using CNN for visual-input based auto-modeling

Apparel-based deep learning system design for apparel style recommendation

Exploring apparel design and fit for older women: a technology intervention

Concurrent design of cell formation and scheduling with consideration of duplicate machines and alternative process routings

Network criticality and the node-place-design model: Classifying metro station areas in Greater London

Customer-centered co-design modularization: the skirt design on mobile application

Exploring convergence of snake-skin-inspired texture designs and additive manufacturing for mechanical traction

Aircraft Cost Modelling, Integrated in a Multidisciplinary Design Context

Decision Analysis for Optimal Design Concept: Hybridized Fuzzified Weighted Decision Matrix and Fuzzy TOPSIS Using Design for X Tools

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