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An Evolutionary Game Study on Participants’ Strategies in the Appeal Work of the Express Industry

How to leverage the role of social capital in pro-environmental behavior: A case study of residents’ express waste recycling behavior in China

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Odds stacked against workers: datafied gamification on Chinese and American food delivery platforms

Resistance under the Radar: Organization of Work and Collective Action in China’s Food Delivery Industry

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Resource Planning in Cross-Docking Platforms - Models and Algorithms

Organizational change as tension management: a grounded theory

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Fractal analysis of drying patterns of a colloidal drop on relatively soft polymer surface

Biological systems and nanopharmacokinetics

Research on Characteristics of Perpetrators and casualties in Road Traffic Accidents in China——Based on the panel data analysis of national traffic accidents from 2006 to 2019

Local Food Delivery System

Use of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers in Survey Sampling Analysis with Application in Electronic Data Interchange

Crash Involvement and Risky Riding Behaviors among Delivery Riders in China: The Role of Working Conditions

Discrete Optimization Model and Algorithm for Driver Planning in Periodic Driver Routing Problem

Design and Implementation of an Unmanned Express Delivery Vehicle

On the hardness of palletizing bins using FIFO queues

Trends in Courier Services in Terms of Digitalization of Commerce

Important Considerations for Testing and Commissioning Digital Protective Relays: Avoid Misoperations

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Delivery Industry 配送業
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