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Optimal Unbiased Linear Sensor Fusion over Multiple Lossy Channels with Collective Observability

An Extended Business Process Representation for Integrating IoT Based on SWRL/OWL

Data Transmitted sentence examples within Medical Data Transmitted

Hybrid data encryption model integrating multi-objective adaptive genetic algorithm for secure medical data communication over cloud-based healthcare systems

Network Selection for Maximum Coverage using Regression Analysis in Deep Fading Environment

Data Transmitted sentence examples within Sensitive Data Transmitted

Secure Patient Authentication Framework in the Healthcare System Using Wireless Medical Sensor Networks

Jointly optimization for activity recognition in secure IoT-enabled elderly care applications

Data Transmitted sentence examples within Protect Data Transmitted

Non-Interactive Group Key Pre-Distribution Scheme (GKPS) for End-to-End Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Hierarchical Key Management Scheme with Probabilistic Security in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

Data Transmitted sentence examples within Measurement Data Transmitted

Security Analysis for Dynamic State Estimation of Power Systems With Measurement Delays.

An Output-Coding-Based Detection Scheme Against Replay Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems

Data Transmitted sentence examples within Signal Data Transmitted

Adaptive Beamforming for Multiple-Access Millimeter Wave Communications : Invited Presentation

Prediction of signal data parameters in land-satellite communication links with fading

Data Transmitted sentence examples within Experimental Data Transmitted

Coherent Multicarrier Receiver for Mobile Acoustic Channels

Low-Complexity Superresolution Frequency Offset Estimation for High Data Rate Acoustic OFDM Systems

Data Transmitted sentence examples within Monitoring Data Transmitted

Multi-sink distributed power control algorithm for Cyber-physical-systems in coal mine tunnels

Research and Design of Cable Partial Discharge Online Monitoring Technology Based on GPS Clock Wireless Synchronization

Data Transmitted sentence examples within User Data Transmitted

Enhancing Branch Office Network Availability Using Cloud EoIP Gateway

A Comparative Study of User Data Security and Privacy in Native and Cross Platform Android Mobile Banking Applications

Data Transmitted sentence examples within Redundant Data Transmitted

Context-aware Data Operation Strategies in Edge Systems for High Application Performance

A Spatial-Temporal Correlation Approach for Data Reduction in Cluster-Based Sensor Networks

Data Transmitted sentence examples within Telemetry Data Transmitted

Unmanned Aircraft System for Andean Volcano monitoring and surveillance

Crash Telemetry-Based Injury Severity Prediction is Equivalent to or Out-Performs Field Protocols in Triage of Planar Vehicle Collisions.

Data Transmitted sentence examples within Total Data Transmitted

Optimized Clustering With Data Privacy For Wireless Sensor Network Data Transmission

Scheduling users in drive-thru Internet: a multi-armed bandit approach

Data Transmitted sentence examples within data transmitted vium

Wildlife Monitoring on the Edge: A Performance Evaluation of Embedded Neural Networks on Microcontrollers for Animal Behavior Classification

IoT: A Revolutionizing Step for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management During and After Covid19

Data Transmitted sentence examples within data transmitted among

Multiple error correction towards optimisation of energy in sensor network

Value-based utility implementation in software-defined testbed for sensor data traffic management

Data Transmitted sentence examples within data transmitted wirelessly

Novel Design of AC Motor Powered Smart Wheel Chair

NDE and SHM in the Age of Industry 4.0

Data Transmitted sentence examples within data transmitted acros

Proposed Access Control Architecture Based on Fog Computing for IoT Environments

A Lightweight Blockchain Based Framework for Underwater IoT

Data Transmitted sentence examples within data transmitted back

Short-circuit current processing method in space calibration of “twin” solar cells

Application of Radio-Finger Augmented Devices to Cognitive Neural remapping

Anomaly Detection Using XGBoost Ensemble of Deep Neural Network Models

BBNet: A Novel Convolutional Neural Network Structure in Edge-Cloud Collaborative Inference

On General Data Protection Regulation Vulnerabilities and Privacy Issues, for Wearable Devices and Fitness Tracking Applications

Alignment and integration off-axis mirrors for space applications

An Efficient Data Aggregation Scheme Based on Differentiated Threshold Configuring Joint Optimal Relay Selection in WSNs

On-The-Fly Key Generation Based VLSI Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard

Machine learning based false data injection in smart grid

Use of firefly optimization algorithm for fractional fourier transform based reversible data hiding

Development of a system for operational monitoring of the soil agrochemical indicators

Optimizing the end-to-end transmission scheme for hybrid satellite and multihop networks

Joint Coding Scheme Based on Reed-Solomon Codes

Effective Content Delivery with Distributed Edge Caching in WiFi Networks

New Lightweight Hybrid Encryption Algorithm for Cloud Computing (LMGHA-128bit) by using new 5-D hyperchaos system

Efficient Dynamic S-Box Generation Using Linear Trigonometric Transformation for Security Applications

Algorithm for Building a Cluster for Implementing the “Memory as a Service” Service in the IoT Concept

Donut Modes in Space Wavelength Division Multiplexing: Multimode Optical Fiber Transmission based on Electrical Feedback Equalizer

Securing IoT Devices Using Zero Trust and Blockchain

Spatial Reuse Based Efficient Coexistence for Cellular and WiFi Systems in the Unlicensed Band

Efficient Data Gathering from Passive Wireless Sensor Networks

Robust and Secure Video Watermarking Based on Cellular Automata and Singular Value Decomposition for Copyright Protection

Application of compressed sensing in the guided wave structural health monitoring of switch rails

XAI-AV: Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Trust Management in Autonomous Vehicles

Soldiers health monitoring and tracking system using IOT and UAV

Implementation of MIMO OFDM NOMA System using Iterative Algorithm

Intelligent Control and Security of Fog Resources in Healthcare Systems via a Cognitive Fog Model

Lightweight Privacy‐Preserving Learning Schemes*

Trust based blockchain security management in edge computing

Feature-Selection and Mutual-Clustering Approaches to Improve DoS Detection and Maintain WSNs’ Lifetime

Secure Centralized Kalman Filter for Network Environments by Homomorphic Encryption

Novel ECC-Based RFID Mutual Authentication Protocol for Emerging IoT Applications


An Efficient Information Maximization Based Adaptive Congestion Control Scheme in Wireless Sensor Network

Secure Transmission of Space Images using Joint Encryption Compression

Design and Implementation of the Single-Block Hash FunctionBased on S-box

An Algorithm to Determine Airport Runway Usage/Configuration Based on Aircraft Trajectories

Network Graph Datastore Using DISC Processor

Cryptographic Considerations for Automation and SCADA Systems Using Trusted Platform Modules

Enlightenment of Cross-Border Data Security and Personal Privacy Protection Measures of Europe and the United States for China

Automatic Maritime Traffic Synthetic Route: A Framework for Route Prediction

Secure Transmission for Buffer-Aided Relay Networks with Delay Constraints

A lightweight anonymous mutual authentication and key agreement scheme for WBAN

Low voltage smart meter for monitoring of power quality disturbances applied in smart grid

Design and Implementation of an Integrated IoT Blockchain Platform for Sensing Data Integrity

Attack-Resilient Supervisory Control with Intermittently Secure Communication

Compressible Source Separation in Industrial IoT Broadband Communication

Digitizer for a thermal neutron detector array

Energy-efficient secured data reduction technique using image difference function in wireless video sensor networks

Object Tracking Based on (m,k)-firm Model in Multimedia Wireless Sensor Networks

Intelligent Onboard Processing and Multichannel Transmission Technology for Infrared Remote Sensing Data

Emergency aware congestion control for smart grid neighborhood area networks

Comparison between Objective functions standards and OF-EHE for RPL Routing Protocol

Cross-Media Sentiment Analysis in Brazilian Blogs

Super-imposed cluster embedding for ring routing path identification in WSN

Do You See What I See?Detecting Hidden Streaming Cameras Through Similarity of Simultaneous Observation

Research on Privacy Protection Scheme Based on Certificateless Aggregation Signcryption in AMI

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