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Teaching and inculcating (decolonised) legal skills in the LLB curriculum at the University of Pretoria?

Student Success Factors in a Nurse Practitioner Program

Towards decoloniality in a social work programme: a process of dialogue, reflexivity, action and change

Africanisation of the South African archival curriculum: A preliminary study of undergraduate courses in an open distance e-learning environment

The Decoloniality of Being Political Studies/Science:

Adapting a capacity-development-in-higher-education project: Doing, being and becoming virtual collaboration

Twelve tips for managing change in medical education

Formação de professores de Física e interdisciplinaridade: episódios de refração de políticas em narrativas de reforma curricular

Testing transformation and decolonisation: Experiences of curriculum revision in a History honours module

From functional quality apparatus to meaningful enactment: UNISA as example

The Transformative Dimensions of Professional Curriculum Quality Enhancement

Decolonisation, Africanisation and Transformation: Why We Need ‘That’ African Contribution to World History and Civilisation

An international review of eExam technologies and impact

Afrocentric Science Education Approach in a Transformed Curriculum in Post-Apartheid South Africa

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Curriculum Transformation カリキュラムの変革
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