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“It’s kind of like a cut and paste of the syllabus”: a teacher’s experience of enacting the Queensland Earth and Environmental Science syllabus, and implications for Education for Sustainable Development

Strengthening the process of evaluation of teaching quality in medical education

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Why is anatomy difficult to learn? The implications for undergraduate medical curricula.

The Critical Role of the Neurology Diversity Officer in Serving Our Patients, Profession, and the Neurology Pipeline

Curricular Reform sentence examples within Undergoing Curricular Reform

The symbiotic relationship between educational robotics and computer science in formal education

Moving the United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1 After Core Clerkships: An Outcomes Analysis

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Students-Future Teachers’ Self-Assessment of Competence for Computer-Assisted teaching / Samoprocjena kompetentnosti studenata-budućih nastavnika za izvođenje nastave pomoću računala

Formação inicial do docente de matemática – investigando a Expressão Gráfica no currículo da UFPR

Curricular Reform sentence examples within Comprehensive Curricular Reform

Broadening perceptions of economics in a new introductory economics sequence

Use of a Mock Week as a Novel Tool for Evaluating and Implementing Reformed Medical Curriculum at a Nascent Branch Campus

English language assessment in Bangladesh today: principles, practices, and problems

Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy: The Application of the Academic Discipline of Kinesiology

An Evaluation of Curriculum change in Physiology: A Mixed method research design

Exploring the Effect of Robot-Based Video Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as an Alternative to Remote Education


English Medium Instruction and the Internationalization of Higher Education in Latin America: A Case Study from a Colombian University

Community Cultural Wealth

Gender and Education in Postcolonial Contexts

Repositioning teachers as assessors:

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Student-centric learning in Physiology

Sustaining Solutions in Undergraduate STEM Education

Judicial Challenges Facing the Islamic Finance Industry of Nigeria

Contribuições do Programa Residência Pedagógica à formação inicial de futuros professores de línguas: aspectos da parceria colaborativa

‘Getting better bit by bit’: Exploring learners’ enactments of student voice in physical education

A Bourdieusian Analysis of the Cultural Arbitraries in the Educational System for Chinese People in the Post WWII Hong Kong, 1940s–1970s

JPSE 17-3 Introduction

Synergies between educational science research and teacher training: An illustration of research as supporting training of future primary school teachers

The argumentative design principles of three courses in a Physics undergraduate teacher education program

Ontology, sovereignty, legitimacy: two key moments when history curriculum was challenged in public discourse and the curricular effects, Australia 1950s and 2000s

Kenyan engineering teachers building reflective practice

Perceived academic concerns of under graduate medical students: a study of student’s perspective

Curricular reforms in the transformation of nursing teaching in a federal university.

Call for Consistency: the Need to Establish Gross Anatomy Learning Objectives for the Entry-Level Physical Therapist.

Unintended Consequences? Assessing the Impact of Curricular Change on Medical Student Participation in a Student-Run Free Clinic.

Pedagogical mentoring and transformation of teaching practices in university

Higher Vocational Computer Course Reformation Based on Integration of Industry and Teaching

A experiência de Jacotot: contribuições para a formação emancipatória do trabalhador

Multiliteracies in local curricula: conceptual contextualizations of transversal competence in the finnish curricular framework

Curricular reformulation of Occupational Therapy courses: results and challenges of a trajectory

Does Performance on Evidence-Based Medicine and Urgent Clinical Scenarios Assessments Deteriorate During the Fourth Year of Medical School? Findings From One Institution

Challenges for Irish teacher educators in being active users and producers of research

Student-empowered curricular change

Aportes críticos a la implementación del Seminario de Ciencias Sociales en las escuelas secundarias rosarinas

Estrategias de formación en busca de una Universidad socialmente responsable

Heterogeneidad enunciativa mostrada: el tópico civilización/barbarie en la política curricular de la provincia de Buenos Aires

Study of Technological Monitoring in Information Systems Audit in Colombia

The worldwide spread of peace education: discursive patterns in publications and international organisations

Fostering Student-Faculty Partnerships for Continuous Curricular Improvement in Undergraduate Medical Education.

Which difficulties and resources do vocational teachers perceive? An exploratory study setting the stage for investigating teachers’ resilience in Switzerland

Unintended Consequences of Curricular Change: Lessons from Legacy Students

The techno-bureaucratic liberal management model and the recent Brazilian educational reforms: limits of the reformist thesis in the Marxist perspective

Study of Technological Monitoring in Information Systems Audit in Colombia


Curriculum Studies in South Africa: Colonialism, Constructivism, and Outcomes-Based Education

Las Teorías de Enseñanza y los Estilos de Aprendizaje y los Modelos Teóricos para ajustarlos / Teaching Theories, Learning Styles and Theoretical Models for their Adjustment

Agendas, influences, and capability: Perspectives on practice in design and technology education

Expanding the UAE’s Higher Education Horizon: Path Toward a Sustainable Future

A Five Year Longitudinal Study of the Educational Environment in a Newly Integrated Medical Curriculum

The Rise of American Scholarship

Development of a simulation-based sub-module in undergraduate medical education

Teacher–student negotiations during context-based chemistry reform: a case study

Pedagogic populism vs. opportunities to learn: university music students’ appraisal of their school music classes

Commentary on Interest-Driven Creator theory: a US perspective on fostering interest, creativity, and habit in school

Reforma curricular e intenção profissional de especialização médica

A New Model of Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction System in Thailand

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