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Sustainable Meat: Looking through the Eyes of Australian Consumers

Committed vs. uncommitted meat eaters: Understanding willingness to change protein consumption

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The effect of moderating variables on consumer preferences for sustainable wines

How much is a bottle of conventional, organic or biodynamic wine worth? Results of an experimental auction

The role of implicit lay belief, SEC attributes and temporal orientation in consumer decision making

Unscrambling U.S. egg supply chains amid COVID-19

Consumers’ Preferences for Eco-labels on Plants: The Influence of Trust and Consequentiality Perceptions

How education level polarizes halal food purchase decision of Indonesian millennials

The Organic Food Choice Pattern: Are Organic Consumers Becoming More Alike?

Consumers’ purchase decision based on intrinsic and extrinsic factors related to food safety issues: A review

Neophobia and seaweed consumption: Effects on consumer attitude and willingness to consume seaweed

¿Existe un patrón de preferencias del consumidor diferente según el tipo de jamón ibérico?

Which meat (substitute) to buy? Is front of package information reliable to identify the healthier and more natural choice?

Consumer Trust in Food and the Food System: A Critical Review

Public and Private Food Standards

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The Economics of the Naturalist Food Paradigm

Market failures in supplying animal welfare: some conceptual thoughts for future research

Valuation of observable attributes in differentiated beef products in Chile using the hedonic price method.

A Theory of Multitier Ecolabel Competition

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