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Generalized Joint Hypermobility and Injuries: A Prospective Cohort Study of 185 Pre-Professional Contemporary Dancers

Relational creativity and improvisation in contemporary dance

Young, talented dancers in contemporary dance training: widening participation and fair access, rhetoric or reality?

Comparison between the Effectiveness of Kinesio Taping and Stretching Exercise in Contemporary Dancers with Chronic Shin Splints

Intersections between Modern and Contemporary Dance and Yoga Practice: A Critical Analysis of Spiritual Paths through Body Movement and Choreography

Effect of Pronated And Supinated Foot Postures on Static and Dynamic Balance in Dancers

Performance of Contemporary Dancers in Drop Jump Test Assessed by Reactive Strength Index

Assessment of musculoskeletal pain in dance focusing on dance-style related differences

Finding Your Balance

A Dance History Textbook That Leaves Questions Unanswered

Characteristics of Contact Force and Muscle Activation During Choreographed Falls With 2 Common Landing Techniques in Contemporary Dance.

Quality of life is associated with fatigue among Brazilian professional dancers

Ballet and Contemporary Dance Injuries When Transitioning to Full-Time Training or Professional Level Dance: A Systematic Review.

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