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Effects of chronic physical disease and systemic inflammation on suicide risk in patients with depression: a hospital-based case-control study.

Winter precipitation - not summer temperature - is still the main driver for Alpine shrub growth.

Differential Probability Functions for Investigating Long-Term Changes in Local and Regional Air Pollution Sources

A Population-Based Analysis of the Relationship Between Substance Use and Adolescent Cognitive Development.

The role of vital exhaustion in predicting the recurrence of vascular events: A longitudinal study

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Adiabatic effects on the temperature and rate dependency of the fracture toughness of an ethylene-fluoroethylene film

Methods for Monitoring Matrix-Induced Autophagy.

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Glucocorticoid-Induced Reductions of Myelination and Connexin 43 in Mixed Central Nervous System Cell Cultures Are Prevented by Mifepristone

The association of excitation and inhibition signaling with the relative symptom expression of autism and psychosis-proneness: Implications for psychopharmacology

Experimental Analysis and Modeling of Nitrate Removal through Zero-Valent Magnesium Particles

Body Mass Index and Modified Glasgow Prognostic Score are Useful Predictors of Surgical Site Infection after Spinal Instrumentation Surgery: A Consecutive Series.

Simulation of startup operation of an industrial twin-shaft gas turbine based on geometry and control logic

Monte Carlo study of the effects of macroion charge distribution on the ionization and adsorption of weak polyelectrolytes and concurrent counterion release.

When family social capital is too much of a good thing

High Fat Diet-Induced Obesity Negatively Affects Whole Bone Bending Strength but not Cortical Structure in the Femur

Substance type moderates the longitudinal association between depression and substance use from pre-treatment through a 1-year follow-up.

Cholesterol enriched diet suppresses ATF6 and PERK and upregulates the IRE1 pathways of the unfolded protein response in spontaneously hypertensive rats: Relevance to pathophysiology of atherosclerosis in the setting of hypertension.

Concurrent and lagged effects of psychosocial job stressors on symptoms of burnout

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Concurrent effects of recycled aggregates and polypropylene fibers on workability and key strength properties of self-consolidating concrete

Bottom-up control of geographic variation in insect herbivory on wild cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) by plant defenses and climate.

Thixotropy and interfacial bond strengths of polymer-modified printed mortars

Emotion regulation in the context of customer mistreatment and felt affect: An event-based profile approach.

Effects of species-dominated patches on soil organic carbon and total nitrogen storage in a degraded grassland in China

Task-dependent effects of voluntary space-based and involuntary feature-based attention on visual working memory

Ozone and particle fluxes in a Mediterranean forest predicted by the AIRTREE model.

A clinical comparison of laparoscopic versus open appendectomy for the treatment of complicated appendicitis: historical cohort study

A fractional-order approach for transient creeping flow of spheres

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