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In-Plane Shear-Axial Strain Coupling Formulation for Shear-Deformable Composite Thin-Walled Beams

Flutter Optimization of a Wing–Engine System with Passive and Active Control Approaches

A nonlinear dynamical model for rotating composite thin-walled beams subjected to hygrothermal effects

Exploring the design space for nonlinear buckling of composite thin-walled lenticular tubes under pure bending

A super-convergent thin-walled 3D beam element for analysis of laminated composite structures with arbitrary cross-section

Test and analysis of axial compression stability of composite thin-walled reinforced structures

Study on the Axial Quasi-Static Compression Properties of Molded Regular Hexagonal Glass Fiber Tube

Improvement of structural characteristics of composite thin-walled beams using variable stiffness concept via curvilinear fiber placement

Analysis of Buckling Characteristics and Parameter Influence of Composite Thin-walled Lenticular Boom Structures

Material Design for Optimal Postbuckling Behaviour of Composite Shells

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Composite Thin Walled 複合薄肉
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