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Magnetically-controllable hollow multi-shell magnetite spheres as stable and reusable SERS substrates

Self-assembled carbon spheres prepared from abundant lignin and urea for photocatalytic and self-propelling applications

Reduced toxicity of protein/magnetic targeted drug delivery system for improved skin cancer treatment in mice model

Highly sensitive xylene sensors using Fe2O3-ZnFe2O4 composite spheres

Hyperthermia treatment of cancer cells by the application of targeted silk/iron oxide composite spheres.

Quantitative Coassembly for Precise Synthesis of Mesoporous Nanospheres with Pore Structure-Dependent Catalytic Performance.

Procedural growth of fungal hyphae/Fe3O4/graphene oxide as ordered-structure composites for water purification

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BiOI-on-SiO2 microspheres: A floating photocatalyst for degradation of diesel oil and dye wastewater.

Composite spheres made of bioengineered spider silk and iron oxide nanoparticles for theranostics applications

High-Yield Continuous-Flow Synthesis of Spheroidal C60@Graphene Composites as Supercapacitors

Likely cavitation and radial motion of stochastic elastic spheres 2: Impulse driven

Smart Conducting PANI/P(St-NIPAM) Particles and Their Switchable Conductivity

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