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VSIE Method Based on Nonconformal Discretization for EM Scattering From Composite Objects

On the Volume-Surface Integral Equation for Scattering From Arbitrary Shaped Composite PEC and Inhomogeneous Bi-Isotropic Objects

Composite Objects sentence examples within surface integral equation

A Multitrace Surface Integral Equation Method for PEC/Dielectric Composite Objects

Composite Objects sentence examples within Dielectric Composite Objects

A Multitrace Surface Integral Equation Method for PEC/Dielectric Composite Objects

H-Matrix Fast Direct Solution of Surface-Volume-Surface EFIE for Scattering Problems on General Composite Metal-Dielectric Objects

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PBNet: Part-based convolutional neural network for complex composite object detection in remote sensing imagery

DG-JMCFIE Formulation for the Simulation of Composite Objects

Volume Equivalent SBR Method for Electromagnetic Scattering of Dielectric and Composite Objects

The Pair-Replica-Mean-Field Limit for Intensity-based Neural Networks

What are empirical consequences? On dispensability and composite objects

Impact dynamics of composite elastorigid projectiles onto solid surfaces.

Integrated Service Composition Approach Based on Transparent Access to Heterogeneous IoT Networks Using Multiple Service Providers

Beyond Traditional Cultural Heritage Recommender Systems: Suggesting Airbnb Experiences to Users

Composition as identity, now with all the pluralities you could want

XRF and 3D Modelling on a Composite Etruscan Helmet

Metaphysics, Sophistry, and Illusion

Non-destructive handheld XRF study of archaeological composite silver objects—the case study of the late Roman Seuso Treasure

VESBR for the Electromagnetic Scattering of Multilayered Dielectric Objects

Non-Factualism about Composite Objects (or Why There’s No Fact of the Matter Whether Any Material Objects Exist)

Heavy pentaquark spectroscopy in the diquark model

‘Compound algebra’ : generalization of complex algebra

Classification of Urban Land Use Based on Graph Theory and Geographic Information System

A Hybrid Asymptotic-FVTD Method for the Estimation of the Radar Cross Section of 3D Structures

Magnetic Doublon Bound States in the Kondo Lattice Model.

Parallel Computing Technologies for Solving Optimization Problems of Geometric Design

Scale matters: a survey of the concepts of scale used in spatial disciplines

The Oligarchy and the Old Regime in Latin America, 1880–1970

Blocking the Vagueness Block - A New Restricted Answer to the Special Composition Question

More Work for Hybrid Persistence

“One’s an Illusion: Organisms, Reference, and Non-Eliminative Nihilism”

Objets croisés: Albarelli as Vessels of Mediation Within and Beyond the Spezieria

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