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Composite Frame sentence examples within concrete filled steel

Finite Element Analysis of Deformation Effect of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Composite Frame under High Temperature

New performance-based plastic design and evaluation of blind bolted end-plate CFT composite frames with BRBs

Composite Frame sentence examples within filled steel tube

Seismic Performance of Steel Concrete Composite Multi-Storey Frame

Composite Frame sentence examples within Concrete Composite Frame

Experimental Study and High-Efficiency Simulation of In-Plane Behavior of Composite Frame Slab

Cyclic behaviour of prefabricated connections for steel beam to concrete filled steel tube column

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Composite Frame sentence examples within Rc Composite Frame

Experimental Study on the Progressive Collapse Resistance of Two-Storey Half-Scale Fabricated Reinforced Concrete Column-Steel Beam Composite Frame Structure

Seismic Behavior and Study of RCS Composite Frame Composed of Steel Beams and Strong Concrete Column

Composite Frame sentence examples within Tubular Composite Frame

Finite Element Analysis of Deformation Effect of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Composite Frame under High Temperature

Finite Element Analysis of Bearing Performance of Concrete-filled Steel Tube Composite Frame under Thermal and Mechanical Coupling

Composite Frame sentence examples within Graphene Composite Frame

Graphene-Based Nanomaterials as the Cathode for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Facile and scalable preparation of 3D SnO2/holey graphene composite frameworks for stable lithium storage at a high mass loading level

Composite Frame sentence examples within Rigid Composite Frame

Seismic Response Investigation and Analyses of End Plate Moment-Resisting CFST Frames Under Pseudo-Dynamic Loads

Analytical model of moment-rotation relation for steel beam to CFST column connections with bidirectional bolts

Composite Frame sentence examples within composite frame structure

Cyclic behaviour of prefabricated connections for steel beam to concrete filled steel tube column

Fabrication of High-Quality Straight-Line Polymer Composite Frame with Different Radius Parts Using Fiber Winding Process

Composite Frame sentence examples within composite frame system

Experimental Investigation on Double Skin Composite Tubular Column

Comparative Study on Seismic Behaviour of Multi Storeyed Building with Composite and Conventional Columns

The influence of structural and geometric imperfections on the LDB strength of steel–concrete composite beams

Effect of profiled decking on composite beam-column joints with end-plate bolted connections under column-removal scenario

Irreversible and Repeatable Shape Transformation of Additively Manufactured Annular Composite Structures

Experimental and numerical research on seismic performance of S-RC-SRC composite frame

Mechanical behavior of RC and ECC/RC composite frames under reversed cyclic loading

Evaluation of doubler plates effects on shear bearing behavior of RCS connections

Empowering employees: the other side of electronic performance monitoring

A displacement/damage controlled seismic design method for MRFs with concrete-filled steel tubular columns and composite beams

A planetary health model for reducing exposure to faecal contamination in urban informal settlements: Baseline findings from Makassar, Indonesia.

Contemporary Development on the Performance and Functionalization of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) for Biomedical Implants

Stiffness amplification coefficient for composite frame beams considering slab spatial composite effect

Au nanoparticles decorated polypyrrole-carbon black/g-C3N4 nanocomposite as ultrafast and efficient visible light photocatalyst.

High-Performance Resistive Switching in Solution-Derived IGZO:N Memristors by Microwave-Assisted Nitridation

[Comparative evaluation of the microstructure of combined samples made on the basis of acrylic plastic].

Optimal Design and Testing of a Thermoplastic Pressurized Passenger Door Manufactured Using Thermoforming

Moment-rotation model of endplate blind bolted joints with CFST column

Containers made of composite materials for transportation and storage of aircraft engines

A Composite Framework of Co-located Asymmetric Virtual Reality

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MobQoS: Mobility-Aware and QoS-Driven SDN Framework for Autonomous Vehicles

Sufficient Conditions for Composite Frames

Collapse resistance of composite framed-structures considering effects of slab boundary restraints

Strain and property tuning of the 3D framed epitaxial nanocomposite thin films via interlayer thickness variation

Structural performance of frames with concrete-filled steel tubular columns and steel beams: Finite element approach

Distortions of composite aerospace frames due to processing, thermal loads and trimming operations and an assessment from an assembly perspective

Comparison of Marginal Adaptation of Different Implant-Supported Metal-Free Frameworks Before and After Cementation.

Heuristic Reasoning and the Application of the Concept of Fuzzy Decision Variables in the Quantitative Risk Analysis of Construction Projects in Nigeria

Evaluation of joining methods for novel timber–aluminum composite profiles for innovative louver windows and facade elements

Failure Mechanism of Composite Frames Under the Corner Column-Removal Scenario

Editorial: Special focus on the functional dimensions of the right to development

Robust composite joints

A Reinforcement Learning Approach for D2D-Assisted Cache-Enabled HetNets

Sonochemical synthesis of novel decorated graphene nanosheets with amine functional Cu-terephthalate MOF for hydrogen adsorption: Effect of ultrasound and graphene content

Progressive collapse analysis of composite steel frames subject to fire following earthquake

Introducing a Regulation on (Banking) Data Surveillance in the EU: Some Proposals

Flexural behavior of beam to column joints with or without an overlying concrete slab

The Europeanization of national judiciaries: definitions, indicators and mechanisms

A critical discourse problematization framework for (disability) policy analysis: “good cop/bad cop” strategy

Melamine foam-templated graphene nanoplatelet framework toward phase change materials with multiple energy conversion abilities

Hurricane Boundary Layer Height Relative to Storm Motion from GPS Dropsonde Composites

Experimental study on seismic behavior of SRC deep beam-to-CFST column frames

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