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Strong anomaly and phases of chiral gauge theories

Possible new phase for adjoint QCD

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Theoretical phase diagram of two-component composite fermions in double layer graphene

Next-level composite fermions

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Dirac composite fermion theory of general Jain sequences

Fractional Charge States in the Magneto-Photoluminescence Spectra of Single-Electron InP/GaInP2 Quantum Dots

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Composite fermion nonlinear sigma models

Emergent reflection symmetry from nonrelativistic composite fermions

Valley effects on the fractions in an ultrahigh mobility SiGe/Si/SiGe two-dimensional electron system

Cyclotron toroidal braids: A cure for portrayal composite fermions on a torus

Composite anyons on a torus

Unconventional filling factor of 4/11: A closed-form ground-state wave function

On broad Kaluza-Klein gluons

Emergence of Dirac composite fermions: Dipole picture

Composite fermion mass enhancement and particle-hole symmetry of fractional quantum Hall states in the lowest Landau level under realistic conditions

Limits of Applicability of the Composite Fermion Model

Locally Incompressible Spin State of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect when v = 3/2

The 16-fold way and the quantum Hall effect at half-integer filling factors

Softened Goldstone-Symmetry Breaking

Composite Fermions as Deformed Oscillators: Wavefunctions and Entanglement

Kohn-Sham Theory of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect.

Particle-hole-symmetric model for a paired fractional quantum Hall state in a half-filled Landau level

Antiparticles as Particles: QED_{2+1} and Composite Fermions at ν=1/2.

New exact analytical results for two quasiparticle excitation in the fractional quantum Hall effect

Geometric resonance of four-flux composite fermions

Pairing states of composite fermions in double-layer graphene

Parafermions, induced edge states, and domain walls in fractional quantum Hall effect spin transitions

Analytic results of the excited electronic states at $\upsilon=1/3$ and the Laughlin-Jain microscopic wave function approaches.

Self-duality of the integer quantum Hall to insulator transition: Composite fermion description

Preface: special topic on topological matter

Composite fermions in a wide quantum well in the vicinity of the filling factor 1/2

Light composite fermions from holography.

Identification of topological orders in fractional quantum Hall state at $\nu=1/4$

Wigner solid pinning modes tuned by fractional quantum Hall states of a nearby layer

Softened Symmetry Breaking in Composite Higgs Models.

Dirac Fermion Hierarchy of Composite Fermi Liquids.

Quantum Hall hierarchy from coupled wires

Composite fermion Hall conductivity and the half-filled Landau level

Variable Lande splitting factor and Composite Fermion

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