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The Effect of Disinfectants on the Microbial Community on Environmental Healthcare Surfaces using Next Generation Sequencing.

Dissipative dynamics of a particle coupled to a field via internal degrees of freedom

Preparation and comparative study of anticorrosion nanocomposites of polyaniline/graphene oxide/clay coating

Convective Cloud Clusters and Squall Lines along coastal Amazon

New insight into examining the role of financial development in economic growth effect on a composite environmental quality index

New Insights into Development of an Environmental – Economic Model Based on a Composite Environmental Quality Index: A Comparative Analysis of Economic Growth and Environmental Quality Trend

Experimental Analysis of Reinforcement Rust in Cement under Corrosive Environment

Traditional knowledge system in disaster risk reduction: Exploration, acknowledgement and proposition

Functional connectivity and home range inferred at a microgeographic landscape genetics scale in a desert‐dwelling rodent

Patterns in a species‐rich tropical understory plant community

Evaluation of the intensity of environmental pressures from agriculture on groundwater in Slovenia

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A Threshold-Based Visual Odometry in a Composite Environment Using Edges and Points

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