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Dynamic responses of laminated composite sandwich beam with double-viscoelastic core layers

Free Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite Double-Plate Structure System with Elastic Constraints Based on Improved Fourier Series Method

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Snap-back Instability of Double Cantilever Beam with bridging

Effect of similar and dissimilar interface layers on delamination in hybrid plain woven glass/carbon epoxy laminated composite double cantilever beam under Mode-I loading

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Reinforcing effect of graphene oxide on mechanical properties, self-healing performance and recoverability of double network hydrogel based on κ-carrageenan and polyacrylamide

An Injectable Strong Hydrogel for Bone Reconstruction.

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Impact Resistance Analysis of a Composite Double-Layer Honeycomb Sandwich Structure

Mechanical Performance of Spacecraft Protection Structure Under Hypervelocity

Dual high-stroke and high–work capacity artificial muscles inspired by DNA supercoiling

AgNWs@TiO2 and AgNPs@TiO2 Double-Layer Photoanode Film Improving Light Capture and Application under Low Illumination

Blast and impact loading effects on glass and steel elements and materials

An analytical approach on nonlinear mechanical and thermal post-buckling of nanocomposite double-curved shallow shells reinforced by carbon nanotubes

Damage characterization of adhesively-bonded Bi-material joints using acoustic emission

An Experimental and Numerical Study of Repairs on Composite Substrates with Composite and Aluminum Doublers Using Riveted, Bonded, and Hybrid Joints

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Composite Double コンポジットダブル
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