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A Landscape of Research on Bus Driver Behavior: Taxonomy, Open Challenges, Motivations, Recommendations, Limitations, and Pathways Solution in Future

A Tutorial on Evaluation Metrics used in Natural Language Generation

Telehealth utilization during the Covid-19 pandemic: A systematic review

Smart Home-based IoT for Real-time and Secure Remote Health Monitoring of Triage and Priority System using Body Sensors: Multi-driven Systematic Review

Robust Demarcation of the Family Caryophanaceae (Planococcaceae) and Its Different Genera Including Three Novel Genera Based on Phylogenomics and Highly Specific Molecular Signatures

Towards the Development of a Smart Energy Grid

A Systematic Review for Enabling of Develop a Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Application: Taxonomy, Substantially Analysis, Motivations, Challenges, Recommendations and Future Direction

The Landscape of Research on Skin Detectors: Coherent Taxonomy, Open Challenges, Motivations, Recommendations and Statistical Analysis, Future Directions

Urban Farming Activities in Southeast Asia: A Review and Future Research Direction

Cloud Computing Adoption in Higher Education Institutions: A Systematic Review

A review of ontology development aspects

Review of intrusion detection systems based on deep learning techniques: coherent taxonomy, challenges, motivations, recommendations, substantial analysis and future directions

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Coherent Taxonomy 首尾一貫した分類法
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