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Phase-coherent electron transport in asymmetric crosslike Andreev interferometers

Unraveling the Effect of Electron-Electron Interaction on Electronic Transport in High-Mobility Stannate Films.

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Phonon-Assisted Intervalley Scattering Determines Ultrafast Exciton Dynamics in MoSe_{2} Bilayers.

Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy of a Minimal Photosystem I Complex Reveals the Rate of Primary Charge Separation.

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Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy with active phase Management

Coupled nuclear and electron dynamics in the vicinity of a conical intersection.

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Plasma-cascade instability

Overcoming Multipacting Barriers in SRF Photoinjectors

Coherent Electron sentence examples within coherent electron transport

Electron-Vibration Entanglement of Resonating Dimers in Quantum Transport.

The Role of Metal Ions in the Electron Transport through Azurin-Based Junctions

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Beam splitting of low-energy guided electrons with a two-sided microwave chip

Nanoscale Structural Dynamics Probed by Coherent Ultrafast TEM

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Young-type interference effects in heavy-ion collisions with diatomic molecules

Multi-slit-type interference in carbon 2s photoionization of polyatomic molecules: from a fundamental effect to structural parameters.

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Higgs modes in proximized superconducting systems

Theoretical Study on Spin-Selective Coherent Electron Transfer in a Quantum Dot Array

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Quasiparticle states of on-demand coherent electron sources.

Spectral properties of interacting helical channels driven by Lorentzian pulses.

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Quantum Statistical Transport Phenomena in Memristive Computing Architectures

An electronic silicon-based memristor with a high switching uniformity

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Coherent Beam Splitting of Flying Electrons Driven by a Surface Acoustic Wave.

Magnetic tunnel junctions with a B 2 -ordered CoFeCrAl equiatomic Heusler alloy

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Suppression of nuclear spin fluctuations in an InGaAs quantum dot ensemble by GHz-pulsed optical excitation

Radical pair intersystem crossing: Quantum dynamics or incoherent kinetics?

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Nonequilibrium dynamics of spontaneous symmetry breaking into a hidden state of charge-density wave

Quantitative Electron Ptychography of Sub-Stoichiometric Metal-Oxide Nanoparticle Catalysts Combined with HAADF STEM Atom Counting

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Influences of the transverse motions of the particles to the recombination rate of a co-propagating electron-ion system

Effect of coherent excitation in coherent electron cooler

Data transmission by quantum matter wave modulation

Critical charge fluctuations and emergent coherence in a strongly correlated excitonic insulator

Nonresonant coherent two-dimensional spectroscopy.

Electronic Currents and Magnetic Fields in H 2 + Induced by Coherent Resonant Bichromatic Circularly Polarized Laser Pulses: Effects of Orientation, Phase, and Helicity

Mathematical Modeling, Design and Development of Light-Weight Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe Based Quadrotor for Monitoring an Outdoor Environment

Coherent current correlations in a double-dot Cooper pair splitter

Imaging Plasmons with Sub-2 nm Spatial Resolution via Tip-Enhanced Four-Wave Mixing.

Femtosecond Field‐Driven On‐Chip Unidirectional Electronic Currents in Nonadiabatic Tunneling Regime

Unlocking coherent control of ultrafast plasmonic interaction

Ion temperature and rotation fluctuation measurements with ultra-fast charge exchange recombination spectroscopy (UF-CHERS) in the DIII-D tokamak.

Enhanced Exciton Quantum Coherence in Single CsPbBr3 Perovskite Quantum Dots using Femtosecond Two-Photon Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy.

Quantum Hall Valley Splitters and a Tunable Mach-Zehnder Interferometer in Graphene.

Tailored high-contrast attosecond electron pulses for coherent excitation and scattering

Coherent Electronic Band Structure of TiTe2/TiSe2 Moiré Bilayer.

Exploration of the close chemical space of tryptophan and tyrosine reveals importance of hydrophobicity in CW-photo-CIDNP performances

Time resolved mechanism of the isotope selectivity in the ultrafast light induced dissociation in N2.

Photoexcitation Induced Quantum Dynamics of Charge Density Wave and Emergence of a Collective Mode in 1T-TaS2.

Low-Magnetic-Field Regime of a Gate-Defined Constriction in High-Mobility Graphene.

Imaging Time-Dependent Electronic Currents Through a Graphene-Based Nanojunction.

Dynamical scattering of single-electron wave packets

Modeling of macroscopic quantum states in functional properties of the laser-induced 4D-topological nanoclusters in thin films on solid surface

The unreasonable effectiveness of Eliashberg theory for pairing of non-Fermi liquids

Direct Imaging of Incoherent-to-Coherent Structural Dynamics in Plasmonic Nanorods with Ultrafast Electron Microscopy

Merging transformation optics with electron-driven photon sources

Incoherent-coherent crossover and the pseudogap in Te-annealed superconducting Fe 1 + y Te 1 − x Se x revealed by magnetotransport measurements

Giant anisotropy in superconducting single crystals of CsCa2Fe4As4F2

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