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Long-range magnetic dipole-dipole interaction mediated by a superconductor

Tailoring Plasmonics of Au@Ag Nanoparticles by Silica Encapsulation

Coherent Coupling sentence examples within Demonstrate Coherent Coupling

Virtual-photon-mediated spin-qubit–transmon coupling

Interference in a Prototype of a Two-Dimensional Ion Trap Array Quantum Simulator.

Coherent Coupling sentence examples within Interlayer Coherent Coupling

Direct Measurement of Coherent Coupling in a MoSe 2 /WSe 2 Heterostructure

Direct Measurement of Coherent Coupling in a MoSe2/WSe2 Heterostructure

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Coherent Coupling sentence examples within coherent coupling field

Optical bistability in reflection of the laser pulse in a 1D photonic crystal doped with four-level InGaN/GaN quantum dots

Switching from normal dispersion to anomalous dispersion in a four-level atomic system

Coherent Coupling sentence examples within coherent coupling technique

p-Bits for Probabilistic Computing

Scalable Emulation of Sign-Problem–Free Hamiltonians with Room-Temperature p-bits

Coherent Coupling sentence examples within coherent coupling effect

Asymmetrical, rotational and ultra-high amplitude fundamental polarized optical rogue waves associated with the coherent coupling

Extremely high Q-factor terahertz metasurface using reconstructive coherent mode resonance.

The microscopic origin of magnon-photon level attraction by traveling waves : Theory and experiment

Relaxation dynamics in magnetic double-domain systems

Two-dimensional hybrid perovskites sustaining strong polariton interactions at room temperature

Coherent couplings between magnetic dipole transitions of quantum emitters and dielectric nanostructures

Generation processes of superfluorescence of biexcitons in CuCl quantum dots by one- and two-photon resonant excitation

Coherent charge-phonon correlations and exciton dynamics in orthorhombic CH3NH3PbI3 measured by ultrafast multi-THz spectroscopy.

High-fidelity spin and optical control of single silicon-vacancy centres in silicon carbide

Enhanced collective Purcell effect of coupled quantum emitter systems

Revealing the Orientation Dependence of Coherent Coupling in Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Diamond

Subwavelength angle-sensing photodetectors inspired by internally coupled ears in small animals

Coercivity kinetics upon step annealing of sintered Sm(Co0.88–xFexCu0.09Zr0.03)7 magnets

Spin-Orbital-Intertwined Nematic State in FeSe.

Coherent coupling completes an unambiguous optomechanical classification framework

Fast spin exchange across a multielectron mediator

The Mechanism of Influence of Disperse Nanoparticles on Parameters of the Martensitic Transitions in Alloys with the Shape Memory Effect

Observation of dressed states of distant atoms with delocalized photons in coupled-cavities quantum electrodynamics

Ultrafast vibrational coupling between C H and C O band of cyclic amide 2-Pyrrolidinone revealed by 2DIR spectroscopy.

Slotted metal nanodisks supported by dielectric-coated metallic substrates for ultrahigh enhancement of coherent anti-Stokes and hyper-Raman scattering

Coherent Coupling of Single Molecules to a Chip-Based Optical Circuit

Analysis of Size Effects during Martensitic Transitions in Epitaxial Films and Microparticles of the Ni–Mn–Sn Alloy

Broadband ultrafast spectroscopy on mixed–dimensional InAs/GaAs systems

Enhancement of coherent dipole coupling between two atoms via squeezing a cavity mode

Ultrafast correlated charge and lattice motion in a hybrid metal halide perovskite

Graphene plasmonically induced analogue of tunable electromagnetically induced transparency without structurally or spatially asymmetry

Investigation of wavelength effects on polycrystalline silicon damages using nanosecond pulse laser irradiation

Spectral response of Josephson junctions with low-energy quasiparticles.

Revealing the Orientation Dependence of Coherent Coupling in Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Diamond

Quantum coherence in the photosynthesis apparatus of living cyanobacteria

Microscopic mechanism of level attraction from coherence-dissipation competition

Coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations: spectra and instabilities of plane waves

Decoherence benchmarking of superconducting qubits

Colloidal quantum dot molecules manifesting quantum coupling at room temperature

Coupled Colloidal Quantum Dot Molecules.

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