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Performance of ED-Based Non-Coherent Massive SIMO Systems in Correlated Rayleigh Fading

Precoding Normalized Differential Spatial Modulation with Non-Constant Modulus Constellations

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30.6 A 6V Swing 3.6% THD >40GHz Driver with 4.5× Bandwidth Extension for a 272Gb/s Dual-Polarization 16-QAM Silicon Photonic Transmitter

Efficient Timing/Frequency Synchronization Based on Sparse Fast Fourier Transform

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Full-duplex quantum coherent communication

Experimental demonstration of single-shot quantum and classical signal transmission on single wavelength optical pulse

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Half-Wave-Plate based Adaptive Polarization Controller

LDPC code with Dynamically adjusted LLR under FSO turbulence channel

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Direct Chaotic Differentially Coherent Communication Scheme

Detection of Jamming Attack in Non-Coherent Massive SIMO Systems

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Space qualification of 5 to 8 GHz bandwidth, uncooled, extended InGaAs 2.2-micron wavelength, linear optical receivers

2.5- and 5-Gbps time-delay self-homodyne interference differential phase-shift keying optical receiver for space-to-ground communication link

Optical Gyrator and Microwave-to-Optical Converter using HBAR modes

Non-Coherent and Backscatter Communications: Enabling Ultra-Massive Connectivity in 6G Wireless Networks

1.064µm CW stable single frequency emission and noise reduction based on a monolithic cavity

Cascaded Brillouin lasing in a suspended silicon racetrack micro-ring pumped by external fiber loop

Revised theory for the linewidth of diode lasers under external optical feedback

Codebook Design for Noncoherent Communications Using Autoencoders

Design of Vernier-ring reflectors in thick Si3N4 platform

Light Localization and Principal Mode Propagation in Optical Fibers

The Role of the Ancestors in Healing: A Zululand Follow up Study

Laser soliton microcombs heterogeneously integrated on silicon

Optical technologies for very high throughput satellite communications

AirNote – Pen it Down!

Self-Reference Optical Phase Demodulation using Narrow Absorption/Gain Peak

Ultra-narrow linewidth hybrid integrated semiconductor laser

Selective and switchable optical amplification with mechanical driven oscillators

High-Performance Hybrid-Integrated Silicon Photonic Tunable Laser

Integrated Self-Injection Locked Soliton Microcomb Source

Phase control of a terahertz quantum cascade laser using an optical injection phase-lock loop (Conference Presentation)

Packaged photonic chip-based soliton microcomb using an ultralow-noise laser.

High-power sub-kHz linewidth lasers fully integrated on silicon

Participation shifts explain degree distributions in a human communications network

Low Noise Monolithically Integrated Membrane DFB Laser on Silicon

Examining the information needed for acceptance of deintensified screening programmes: qualitative focus groups about cervical screening in Australia

Switching Dynamics of Dark Solitons in Kerr Microresonators

Investigation of the factors affecting the quality of electronic-services of the University of Tehran website (Measuring the pattern of electronic services on the University of Tehran website)

Reliable and Secure Multishot Network Coding Using Linearized Reed-Solomon Codes

Implementing Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Youth under Probation: Lessons Learned

Coherent control of magnon radiative damping with local photon states

A Recofigurable Tri-Band Interconnect for Future Network-On-Chip

Carrier to Noise Ratio Improvement by Brillouin Amplification for 64-QAM Coherent Communications

A Noncoherent Space-Time Code from Quantum Error Correction

Photonic Chip-Based Soliton Microcomb Driven by a Compact Ultra-Low-Noise Laser

A Novel Differential Modulation Scheme Using Full-Rate STBC for 4×4 MIMO OFDM

Selective optomechanically-induced amplification with driven oscillators

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