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Spatial variations in CO2 fluxes in a subtropical coastal reservoir of Southeast China were related to urbanization and land-use types.

Carbon fixation by the phytoplankton community across Lake Winnipeg

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Batch fermentation of succinic acid from cheese whey by Actinobacillus succinogenes under variant medium composition

3D Numerical Simulations of Non-Volcanic CO2 Degassing in Active Fault Zones Based on Geophysical Surveys

Co2 Source sentence examples within Significant Co2 Source

Temporal evolution of mid-tropospheric CO2 over the Indian Ocean

Heterogeneity of volatile sources along the Halmahera arc, Indonesia

Co2 Source sentence examples within Biogenic Co2 Source

Fluvial CO2 and CH4 patterns across wildfire-disturbed ecozones of subarctic Canada: Current status and implications for future change.

CO2 fluxes of two lakes in volcanic caves in the Azores, Portugal

Co2 Source sentence examples within Potential Co2 Source

The metabolic origins of non-photorespiratory CO2 release during photosynthesis: A metabolic flux analysis.

Hubs and clusters approach to unlock the development of carbon capture and storage – Case study in Spain

Co2 Source sentence examples within Atmospheric Co2 Source

The fate of fluvially-deposited organic carbon during transient floodplain storage

Stable carbon isotopic characteristics of fossil fuels in China.

Co2 Source sentence examples within Anthropogenic Co2 Source

The PCOR Partnership Initiative: The State of the Region

CO2-EOR+ in Australia: achieving low-emissions oil and unlocking residual oil resources

Co2 Source sentence examples within Stationary Co2 Source

Can East African rift basalts sequester CO2? Case study of the Kenya rift

Characterization of Fractured Rocks for the Design of a Pilot-Scale CO2 Injection Site in the Sulcis Basin, Italy

Co2 Source sentence examples within Major Co2 Source

Extreme gradients in CO2 losses downstream of karstic springs.

Carbon dioxide dynamics from sediment, sediment-water interface and overlying water in the aquaculture shrimp ponds in subtropical estuaries, southeast China.

Co2 Source sentence examples within Variou Co2 Source

Impact of CO2 Specifications on Design and Operation Challenges of CO2 Transport and Storage Systems in CCUS

Roles of fault structures and regional formations on CO2 migration and distribution in shallow saline aquifer in Green River, Utah

Co2 Source sentence examples within Strong Co2 Source

Sea surface pCO2 in an urbanized coastal system (Jiaozhou Bay, China) during summer.

Spring net community production and its coupling with the CO2 dynamics in the surface water of the northern Gulf of Mexico

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Utilisation of CO2 from Sodium Bicarbonate to Produce Chlorella vulgaris Biomass in Tubular Photobioreactors for Biofuel Purposes

Structural Analysis of a Nitrogenase Iron Protein from Methanosarcina acetivorans: Implications for CO2 Capture by a Surface-Exposed [Fe4S4] Cluster

Co2 Source sentence examples within Large Co2 Source

Distribution and long-term change of the sea surface carbonate system in the Mozambique Channel (1963–2019)

Greenhouse gas and energy fluxes in a boreal peatland forest after clear-cutting

Co2 Source sentence examples within Industrial Co2 Source

Protecting effect of mass transport during electrochemical reduction of oxygenated carbon dioxide feedstocks

CO 2 Capture from Air: A Breakthrough Sustainable Carbon Source for Synthetic Fuels

Co2 Source sentence examples within Stable Co2 Source

Assessing the carbon dioxide balance of a degraded tropical peat swamp forest following multiple fire events of different intensities

[Carbon dioxide fluxes at the water-air interface and the main influencing factors from diffe-rent aquaculture systems of Sebastes schlegelii and Chlamys farreri].

Co2 Source sentence examples within Forest Co2 Source

Commercial Forest Carbon Protocol Over-Credit Bias Delimited by Zero-Threshold Carbon Accounting

Commercial Forest Carbon Protocol Over-credit Bias Delimited by Zero-threshold Carbon Accounting

Co2 Source sentence examples within co2 source location

Probabilistic modeling of field-scale CO2 generation by carbonate–clay reactions in sedimentary basins

Roles of fault structures and regional formations on CO2 migration and distribution in shallow saline aquifer in Green River, Utah

Life Cycle Analysis of Electrofuels: Fischer-Tropsch Fuel Production from Hydrogen and Corn Ethanol Byproduct CO2.

CO2 fluxes in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean based on measurements from a surface ocean observation platform.

Adaptive fan control

Boiler Combustion Optimization of Vegetal Crop Residues from Greenhouses

Creating Markets for Captured Carbon: Progress in Illinois

2-µm hybrid laser emitter for future carbon dioxide space-borne lidar measurement

Degassing of deep-sourced CO2 from Xianshuihe-Anninghe fault zones in the eastern Tibetan Plateau

How are forests framed? An analysis of EU forest policy

Temperature Fluctuation Attenuates the Effects of Warming in Estuarine Microbial Plankton Communities

A tipping point in carbon storage when forest expands into tundra is related to mycorrhizal recycling of nitrogen.

Progress in SOC Development at Fraunhofer IKTS

Wyoming CarbonSAFE: Advancing Commercialization of Low-Carbon Energy Technologies in Fossil-Rich Wyoming

Towards monitoring CO2 source-sink distribution over India via inverse modelling: Quantifying the fine-scale spatiotemporal variability of atmospheric CO2 mole fraction

Regulations for carbon capture, utilization and storage: Comparative analysis of development in Europe, China and the Middle East

Life cycle assessment of CO2 emission reduction potential of carbon capture and utilization for liquid fuel and power cogeneration

Root Functional Trait and Soil Microbial Coordination: Implications for Soil Respiration in Riparian Agroecosystems

Atmospheric carbon dioxide measurement from aircraft and comparison with OCO-2 and CarbonTracker model data

Regulations for carbon capture, utilization and storage: Comparative analysis of development in Europe, China and the Middle East

Sodium-ion battery anodes from carbon depositions

CO2-Driven diffusiophoresis for maintaining a bacteria-free surface.

Advanced methodology for screening of novel adsorption materials for cost-efficient CO2 capture

Partitioning of net CO2 exchanges at the city-atmosphere interface into biotic and abiotic components

Temperature control on CO2 emissions from the weathering of sedimentary rocks

Cost Estimation of Low-Pressure CO 2 Shipping

Carbon dioxide utilization in concrete curing or mixing might not produce a net climate benefit.

Statistical analysis of flow rate for the design optimisation of a proposed CO2 pipeline network

On the complexity of anthropogenic and geological sources of carbon dioxide: Onsite differentiation using isotope surveying

More Co2 Source 二酸化炭素源 sentence examples

Compression system power requirements for various CO2 sources and transportation options

Southern Bay of Bengal: A possible hotspot for CO2 emission during the summer monsoon

Catalytic hydrothermal conversion of CO2 captured by ammonia into formate using aluminum-sourced hydrogen at mild reaction conditions

A comprehensive study of Power-to-Gas technology: Technical implementations overview, economic assessments, methanation plant as auxiliary operation of lignite-fired power station

Records of carbon and sulfur cycling during the Silurian Ireviken Event in Gotland, Sweden

Potential land microalgae cultivation in Mexico: From food production to biofuels

On the diurnal, weekly, and seasonal cycles and annual trends in atmospheric CO 2 at Mount Zugspitze, Germany, during 1981–2016

Comparative assessment of net CO2 exchange across an urbanization gradient in Korea based on eddy covariance measurements

Towards sustainable elastomers from CO2: life cycle assessment of carbon capture and utilization for rubbers

Characteristics of the Carbonate System in a Semiarid Estuary that Experiences Summertime Hypoxia

Optimal processing of greenhouse crop residues to use as energy and CO2 sources.

Validity of CO2 based ventilation design

Drivers of CO2 along a mangrove-seagrass transect in a tropical bay: Delayed groundwater seepage and seagrass uptake

Sensitivity of the simulated CO2 concentration to inter-annual variations of its sources and sinks over East Asia

CO2 exchange under different vegetation covers in a coastal wetland of Jiaozhou Bay, China

The exhausting work of acclimating to chronically elevated CO2

Spring net community production and its coupling with the CO 2 dynamics in the surface water of the northern Gulf of Mexico

Assessment System for Sustainable Buildings of the German Government (BNB): Calculation tool for the ventilation rate and the resulting carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air

More Co2 Source 二酸化炭素源 sentence examples

A network model-based optimisation analysis for the utilisation of CO2 in Qatar’s chemical industries

Model-data fusion to assess year-round CO2 fluxes for an arctic heath ecosystem in West Greenland (69°N)

Carbon dioxide fluxes of temperate urban wetlands with different restoration history

SO2-Induced Selectivity Change in CO2 Electroreduction.

Tracing the migration of mantle CO2 in gas fields and mineral water springs in south-east Australia using noble gas and stable isotopes

Plate tectonics, carbon, and climate

What was the source of the atmospheric CO 2 increase during the Holocene

Luminescent calcium carbonate micro ‘bow ties’

Seasonal variations and intricate diel differences in the physio-chemical parameters and CO2 emissions from a typical karst groundwater-fed reservoir in southern China

Pollution Events at the High-Altitude Mountain Site Zugspitze-Schneefernerhaus (2670 m a.s.l.), Germany

Carbon dioxide sink function in restored milled peatlands – The significance of weather and vegetation

CO2 emissions from hydroelectric reservoirs in the Tigris River basin, a semi-arid region of southeastern Turkey

Data on potential of CO2 capture and enhanced water recovery projects in modern coal chemical industries in China

Detected microorganisms and new geographic records of Ornithodoros rietcorreai (Acari: Argasidae) from northern Brazil.

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