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Wrinkling analysis of circular membranes by a Fourier based reduced model

Model and Simulation of GaN-Based Pressure Sensors for High Temperature Applications—Part I: Physics Based Compact Modeling

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Mathematical modelling and design of isolation diaphragms for pressure gauges

Modeling added mass effects on the vibrations of air-backed, pre-deformed membranes

An optimization of water transport through polyurethane silica-nanocomposite membrane

A Nonlinear Lumped Equivalent Circuit Model for a Single Uncollapsed Square CMUT Cell

A molecular dynamics study of Young’s modulus of multilayer graphene

A Fourier based reduced model for wrinkling analysis of circular membranes

Low-loss polarization-maintaining hollow-core anti-resonant terahertz fiber

Multi-Frequency Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers

Sensitivity Enhancement of Silicon-on-Insulator CMOS MEMS Thermal Hot-Film Flow Sensors by Minimizing Membrane Conductive Heat Losses

The Effect of Ion Beam Etching on Mechanical Strength Multilayer Aluminum Membranes

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