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Quality of life and willingness-to-pay in patients with androgenetic alopecia

Food Allergies: Knowledge and Practice among Food Service Workers Operating in Western Romania.

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Sharing of experience in the organization of distance exams within African universities in the context of Covid-19: case of the Central School of Free Software and Telecommunications of Dakar

Development and validation of a questionnaire to assess knowledge in patients with Atrial Fibrillation

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Delay discounting and obesity in food insecure and food secure women.

Sustainable food choice motives: The development and cross-country validation of the Sustainable Food Choice Questionnaire (SUS-FCQ)

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Examining associations between impulsivity, opioid use disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder: The additive relation between disorders.

A reinforcer pathology approach to cannabis misuse: Evaluation of independent and interactive roles of cannabis demand and delay discounting in a sample of community adults.

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Controlling for Response Biases in Self-Report Scales: Forced-Choice vs. Psychometric Modeling of Likert Items

E-Library of Authentic Patient Videos Improves Medical Students’ Mental Status Examination

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Oral health knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of primary school teachers of Tehran, Iran

Family Presence During Electroconvulsive Therapy

Choice Questionnaire sentence examples within choice questionnaire study

Awareness, perception, and attitude of dental practitioners toward COVID-19 and their role in its prevention in central Madhya Pradesh: A questionnaire study

National questionnaire on skills and techniques in pediatric tracheotomy surgery in Turkey.

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The impact of COVID-19 lockdown on physical activity and weight gain among active adult population in Israel: a cross-sectional study

The Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Physical Activity and Weight Gain Among Active Adult Population in Israel. A Cross-Sectional Study

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Awareness of Common Pediatric Surgical Entities among Practicing Indian Pediatricians

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Understanding and Responding to the Impact of COVID-19 on Paediatric Gastroenterology Training & Practice of Young ESPGHAN Members

La valutazione della didattica a distanza nel cdl infermieristica: indagine sulla soddisfazione ed efficacia percepita da studenti e docenti

Using 360-degree video for teaching emergency medicine during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

An Assessment of Quality of Life in HIV/AIDS Patients – A Cross-Sectional Study in School Of Tropical Medicine of Kolkata:

Effectiveness of Self-Instructional Module on Knowledge Regarding Prevention and Management of Gastritis Among Adolescents

Combining stool and stories: exploring antimicrobial resistance among a longitudinal cohort of international health students

P374 Sub-optimal vaccination uptake in high-risk patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Assessing the Difference in Learning Gain between a Mixed Reality Application and Drawing Screencasts in Neuroanatomy.

Children’s Right to Health: Theory versus Practice

Perceptions and practices of health care professionals regarding coronavirus disease-19 pandemic: An online survey from two developing regions

Evaluating Health-related Quality of Life Among Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Individuals Using Health Utilities Index: a Local Study and Comparison With Existing Data

The Effectiveness of Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy (IBCT) on Emotional Divorce of Couples: A Randomized Clinical Trial

The emotional impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on cancer outpatients and their caregivers: results of a survey conducted in the midst of the Italian pandemic

What do Emergency Physicians Know About Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Related Toxicities: A Brief Report

Measuring biology trainee teachers’ professional knowledge about evolution—introducing the Student Inventory

COVID-19 and cancer: How outpatients (pts) and their caregivers (CGs) face to the pandemic—A survey from the midst of the Italian outbreak.

Evaluating Effectiveness of YouTube Videos for Teaching Medical Students CPR: Solution to Optimizing Clinician Educator Workload during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Complementary Feeding in Italy: From Tradition to Innovation

Incidencia de las Habilidades Gerenciales en la Organización Saludable del Puesto de Salud Coayllo – Cañete, 2020

436 Remote Surgical Education for Medical Students at UK Universities in the Time of COVID-19

SECUre: a multicentre survey of the safety of emergency care in UK emergency departments

Perceptions of Lecturers and Students on Challenges of the Flipped Classroom

Basic knowledge among GP trainees regarding HIV pre- and post-exposition-prophylaxis

Sociocultural Attitudes Regarding Gender Differences in Mathematics Education and Implications for Related Employment

Students’ Perceptions of Gamification: A Case Study in Business Courses at an Institution of Higher Education


Impact of Whatsapp in improving learning among 9th semester MBBS students

Using ExamView to Create Questionnaires for Online Evaluation in VLEs

The usefulness of 3D printed heart models for medical student education in congenital heart disease

Improving Nursing Students’ Medication Safety Knowledge and Skills on Using the 4C/ID Learning Model

The first report on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine refusal by patients with solid cancer in Italy: Early data from a single-institute survey

The first report on Covid-19 vaccine refusal by cancer patients in Italy: early data from a single-institute survey

Validation of the all-comers design: Results of the TARGET-AC substudy.

Perinatal palliative care: a national survey in Italy

Public attitude toward expanding the reuse of treated wastewater in the United Arab Emirates

Consensus document for invasive coronary physiologic assessment in Asia-Pacific countries.

Identifying and Validating Java Misconceptions Toward a CS1 Concept Inventory

An Expert Elicitation of Public Acceptance of Renewable Energy in Kenya

Development of ReproKnow, a reproductive knowledge assessment for women with rheumatic diseases

Development and Evaluation of the Online Addiction Medicine Certificate: Free Novel Program in a Canadian Setting

Ovariosalpingohysterectomy Technique Adapted in Bitches (Canis familiaris) - Advantages and Limitations

User-Centered Design applicata ad un corso mobile: il format “USiena”

Awareness of tuberculosis control program among health-care workers in a tertiary hospital, South India

Usefulness of virtual three-dimensional image analysis in inguinal hernia as an educational tool

Comparison between facilitator and peer assisted learning: an interventional study at Peshawar Medical College.

Addition of Insulin to Treatment Regimen in Type 2 Diabetes: The Significance of Age and Duration among Sudanese Diabetic Patients

Scaling constructs with semantic networks

Knowledge and practices of primary care physicians on the current referral system of diabetic retinopathy in Islamabad and Rawal-Pindi, Pakistan.

Evaluate children’s User eXperience with AttrakDiff method: USiena experience

On the Statistical and Practical Limitations of Thurstonian IRT Models

Knowledge, attitude and practice of surgical staff towards preoperative surgical antibiotic prophylaxis at an academic tertiary hospital in Sudan

Emergency Department Patients are Receptive to Prayer-Based Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Use

1668 A National Survey: Evaluating Current Practice and Risk Assessment in Morcellation Amongst Gynecologists in the United Kingdom

Effects of advertisements and questionnaire interruptions on the player experience

Psychometric analysis of questions associated with radiological images in the competitive examination for access to residency programs in Spain.

Percepção do estudante sobre a implantação do método OSCE no curso de Odontologia em uma universidade particular

Psychometric analysis of questions associated with radiological images in the competitive examination for access to residency programs in Spain.

Oral health assessment in domiciliary care service planning of older people.

Internship program: A viewpoint of pre-service teachers of Farhangian University-Shahid Beheshti branch of Tehran

Fertility preservation from the point of view of hematopoietic cell transplant specialists—a worldwide-web-based survey analysis

Current practice and physicians’ opinion about preoperative hair removal as a part of ERAS pathway implementation in gynecology and gynecology–oncology: a NOGGO-AGO survey of 148 gynecological departments in Germany

Constructing a Two-Tier Test about Source Current to Diagnose Pre-Service Elementary School Teacher’ Misconceptions

Awareness and Level of Knowledge About Surgical Site Infections and Risks of Wound Infection Among Medical Physicians in King Abdulaziz University Hospital: Cross-Sectional Study

Congenital Cytomegalovirus and Hearing Loss: A Pilot Cross-Sectional Survey of Otologists’ and Pediatric Otolaryngologists’ Knowledge

Impact of instructor professional background and interim retesting on knowledge and self-confidence of schoolchildren after basic life support training: a cluster randomised longitudinal study

Comparison between facilitator and peer assisted learning: an interventional study at Peshawar Medical College.


The bladder cancer patient survey: Global perspectives on awareness and treatment of bladder cancer

Planning a campaign to fight stroke: an educational pilot project in La Spezia, Italy

Facing the Mobile Revolution: A Romanian Insight

Information literacy capabilities of upper secondary students: the case of Vietnam

Impact of the primary trauma care course in the Kongo Central province of the Democratic Republic of Congo over two years.

Direct Instruction and Its Extension with a Community of Inquiry: A Comparison of Mental Workload, Performance and Efficiency

The Journey from Likert to Forced-Choice Questionnaires: Evidence of the Invariance of Item Parameters

Bridging the Gap: Incorporating Simulation into Obstetrics and Gynaecology Undergraduate Medical Education.

Design and development of sign language questionnaires based on video and web interfaces

Development of a fundamentals of endoscopic surgery proficiency‐based skills curriculum for general surgery residents

Development and validation of a multiple‐choice questionnaire‐based theoretical test in direct ophthalmoscopy

Preference of Suture Specifications in a Selected Periodontal and Implant Surgeries in Turkey

Why do students make mistakes? an antipattern documentation about misconceptions related to CS1 introductory programming courses in Python

The alignment of nursing actions to the characteristics of clinical judgement of undergraduate student nurses

Development of national consensus statements on food labelling interpretation and protein allocation in a low phenylalanine diet for PKU

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