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Converging Microlens Array Using Nematic Liquid Crystals Doped with Chiral Nanoparticles.

Influence of molecular weight on helical twisting power of oligomer chiral dopants

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Bio-Chiral Dopants Obtained from Bio-Betulin Produced by a Fermentation Process

Optical Techniques in the Determination of Pitch Lengths in the Cholesteric and Chiral Smectic C Phases

Thermally bandwidth-controllable reflective liquid crystal films prepared by doping nano-sized electrospun fibers

Self-assembled helical superstructures of polystyrene-b-poly(2-vinyl pyridine) with inversed helicity from induced chirality

Twist-bend nematics and heliconical cholesterics: a physico-chemical analysis of phase transitions and related specific properties

Characterization and enantiomer separation of indene-derived hexacyclic hydrocarbon and its application as a chiral source

Performance enhancement of low viscosity nematic liquid crystal dichroic dye mixtures by addition of chiral dopants

Development of ferroelectric liquid crystals with low birefringence

Highly efficient chirality inducers in nematic liquid crystals: synthesis of 7,7’-disubstituted 2,2’-methylenedioxy-1,1’-binaphthyls

(R)-Binaphthyl derivatives as chiral dopants: substituent position controlled circularly polarized luminescence in liquid crystals.

Ligand Exchange Thin Layer Chromatographic Enantioresolution of (RS)-Ketorolac and (RS)-Etodolac and Recovery of Native Enantiomers.

Dynamic electro-optic responses of holographically patterned polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals (Conference Presentation)

An effect of chiral dopants on mesomorphic and electro-optical properties of ferroelectric smectic mixture

Transmittance enhancement of nematic liquid crystal dichroic dye doped mixtures by addition of chiral dopants: a polarimetric analysis

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