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Foliar architecture and physio-biochemical plasticity determines survival of Typha domingensis pers. Ecotypes in nickel and salt affected soil.

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The no-tillage, with crop rotation or succession, can increase the degree of clay dispersion in the superficial layer of highly weathered soils after 24 years

Soil attributes, plant nutrition, and Fusarium wilt of banana in São Paulo, Brazil

Coffee waste as an eco-friendly and low-cost alternative for biochar production impacts on sandy soil chemical attributes and microbial gene abundance

Physio-Biochemical and Agronomic Responses of Faba Beans to Exogenously Applied Nano-Silicon Under Drought Stress Conditions

Sustainable phosphorus management option for non-flooded rice-lentil system in alkaline soil of Indo-Gangetic plain

Silicon and nitric oxide interplay alleviates copper induced toxicity in mung bean seedlings.

Industrial scale-up: Lab to commercial-scale manufacturing of POSS composites

The physico-chemical characteristics of fresh and old pig dungs collected from three pig farmsin Port Harcourt Metropolis

Identification of minerals in subtropical soils with different textural classes by VIS–NIR–SWIR reflectance spectroscopy

Unitized regenerative proton exchange membrane fuel cell system for renewable power and hydrogen generation: Modelling, simulation, and a case study

Formulation and cognitive evaluation of self-assembled phosphatidylserine-chitosan nanoparticles of lycopene, an innovative technique to lessen STZ-induced oxidative stress: A vital persuader of major neurological diseases

Application of high energy electromagnetic radiations in elimination of anti-nutritional factors from oilseeds

Dielectric properties and applications of POSS-polymer nanocomposites

Additive manufacturing and applications of nanomaterial-based sensors

Exogenous Melatonin and Catechol Application Modulate Physio-Biochemical Attributes and Early Growth of Fragrant Rice Under Cd Toxicity

Agronomic performance and optimal ranges of attributes of substrates with biochar from anaerobic sewage sludge for black wattle (Acacia mearnsii) seedlings

Myoglobin Post-Translational Modifications Influence Color Stability of Beef Longissimus Lumborum

Development of a Cotton Honey-Based Spread by Controlling Compositional and Processing Parameters

Calcium mediated nitric oxide responses: Acquisition of nickel stress tolerance in cyanobacterium Nostoc muscorum ATCC 27893

Improving Oxidative Stability and Sensory Properties of Ale Beer by Enrichment with Dried Red Raspberries (Rubus idaeus L.)

Multivariate Selection Index of Acerola Genotypes for Fresh Consumption Based on Fruit Physicochemical Attributes

Arabidopsis thimet oligopeptidases are redox-sensitive enzymes active in the local and systemic plant immune response

Studies on the Impact of Partial Replacement of Sodium Chloride with Potassium Lactate on Quality Attributes of Buffalo Calf Meat Rolls

Genetic and Phenotypic Heterogeneity of the Nocardiopsis alba Strains of Seawater.

Selenium Alleviates the Adverse Effect of Drought in Oilseed Crops Camelina (Camelina sativa L.) and Canola (Brassica napus L.)

Soil attributes as indicators of the stabilization process of erosion in gullies at different formation stages in the southeast region of Brazil

Investigating Halloysite Nanotubes as a Potential Platform for Oral Modified Delivery of Different BCS Class Drugs: Characterization, Optimization, and Evaluation of Drug Release Kinetics

Nutraceutical-fortified plant-based milk analogs: Bioaccessibility of curcumin-loaded almond, cashew, coconut, and oat milks

In package control of Rhyzopertha dominica in wheat using a continuous atmospheric jet cold plasma system

Physical, biochemical, and sensory properties of strawberries grown in high-altitude tropical climate

Role of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone in Biocontrol Together with Induced Systemic Resistance: A Novel Resource Trialed for Rice Disease Control

Influence of Treated Wastewater Irrigation on Soil Nutritional-Chemical Attributes Using Soil Quality Index

Stimuli -triggered fluoro-switching in metal-organic frameworks: applications and outlook.

The Evaluation of Dark Chocolate-Elicited Emotions and Their Relation with Physico Chemical Attributes of Chocolate

Impacts caused by swine manure application and proper management proposition in a swine finishing farm

Impact of Biochar in Mitigating the Negative Effect of Drought Stress on Cabbage Seedlings

Quantitative Evaluation of Color, Firmness, and Soluble Solid Content of Korla Fragrant Pears via IRIV and LS-SVM

Effect of Incorporation of Plant Extracts into the Soil on Physicochemical, Biological, and Enzymatic Properties of Soil

Differential Abundance of Mitochondrial Proteome Influences the Color Stability of Beef Longissimus Lumborum and Psoas Major Muscles

Optimizing Nitrogen Application in Root Vegetables from Their Growth, Biochemical and Antioxidant Response to Urea Fertilizer

Targeting Cd coping mechanisms for stress tolerance in Brassica napus under spiked-substrate system: from physiology to remediation perspective.

Ethylenediurea regulates growth and physiochemical responses of Pisum sativum to ambient O3

Alteration of Fractured Foamed Cement Exposed to CO2-Saturated Water: Implications for Well Integrity.

Postharvest Aloe vera gel coating application maintains the quality of harvested green chilies during cold storage.

Fabrication of a sensitive electrochemical sensor of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid herbicide based on synergistic catalysis of silver/manganese oxide nanoparticles and polyalizarin at low potential

Chitosan coating incorporated with grape seed extract and Origanum vulgare essential oil: an active packaging for turkey meat preservation

Photosynthetic Performance, Nutrition and Growth of Campomanesia xanthocarpa O. Berg. in Chicken Manure Substrate and Liming

Isolation and characterization of a novel hydrocarbonoclastic and biosurfactant producing bacterial strain: Fictibacillus phosphorivorans RP3

Applications of Surfactants as Fracturing Fluids: Chemical Design, Practice, and Future Prospects in Oilfield Stimulation Operations

Trans fatty acids—Occurrence, technical aspects, and worldwide regulations

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