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Hydrogel micromotors with catalyst-containing liquid core and shell.

Indium tin oxide modified with dendrimer-encapsulated Pt nanoparticles as efficient p-aminophenol redox cycling platforms

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Broadband Light Harvesting and Unidirectional Electron Flow for Efficient Electron Accumulation for Hydrogen Generation.

Assessment of the beneficial combination of electrochemical and ultrasonic activation of compounds originating from biomass.

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Surface Charge-Reversible Tubular Micromotors for Extraction of Nucleic Acids in Microsystems.

A remotely steerable Janus micromotor adsorbent for the active remediation of Cs-contaminated water.

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Improved CO gas detection of Si MOSFET gas sensor with catalytic Pt decoration and pre-bias effect

Solvent-Free Synthesis of α-Amino Ketones from α-Hydroxyl Ketones via A Novel Tandem Reaction Sequence Based on Heyns Rearrangement

Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions of Tyrosine Phosphatases with Microarrayed Fragment Libraries Displayed on Phosphopeptide Substrate Scaffolds.

Synthesis of a MoSx–O–PtOx Electrocatalyst with High Hydrogen Evolution Activity Using a Sacrificial Counter‐Electrode

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