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The university-to-work transition: responses of universities and organizations to the COVID-19 pandemic

Virtual Internships During the COVID‐19 Pandemic and Beyond

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Examining US business undergraduates’ use of career information sources during career exploration

Advancing Student Interview Skills: Incorporating Virtual Interview Technology into the Basic Communication Course.

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Employer internship recruiting on college campuses: ‘the right pipeline for our funnel’

Career education discourse: Promoting student employability in a university career center

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Using data to make the case for program resources and sustainability: the BEST action inventory case study

Transforming the Practice of Student Affairs Professionals: Creating an Ecosystem of Support that is Inclusive of Online Learners

Career Guidance and Counseling Needs in a Developing Country’s Context: A Qualitative Study

COVID-19: How Will Historically Underrepresented Groups Fair in the Job Market?

How are important career services for Islamic college students

Career Service as a Measure to Support Employability: a Comparison between the University of Florence and the University of Lagos

Application of artificial neural networks to assess student happiness

How Can Recidivism Be Reduced Among Transgender Individuals

The Effects of First-Generation Status on Student Engagement and Outcomes at Liberal Arts Colleges

Challenges in implementing ICT in career services: perspectives from career development experts

Pedagogical Tools in Our Briefcases: Teaching the Business and Professional Communication Course

Career Services as an institutional approach to employability

Pedagogical approach to developing the hiring practices of higher education administrators

Chinese International Students’ Expectations About Career Counseling

Call for papers: 2019 SERMACS

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