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Predictive modelling of individual well-being among professional engineers

Dancing to two tunes: The role of bicultural identity and strong ties in skilled migrants’ value-driven protean careers

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The route to well-being at workplace: examining the role of job insecurity and its antecedents

How Do Students Become Good Workers? Investigating the Impact of Gender and School on the Relationship between Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy and Career Exploration

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The STEM Enhancement in Earth Science “Mosquito Mappers” Virtual Internship: Outcomes of Place-Based Engagement with Citizen Science

A longitudinal study on psychological burden of medical students during COVID-19 outbreak and remission period in China

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Modernising physician resource planning: a national interactive web platform for Canadian medical trainees


Modernising Physician Resource Planning: A National Interactive Web Platform for Canadian Medical Trainees

Pro-environmental behavior and career orientation of Caucasian women

On Interdisciplinary Presentism in Hispanic Studies: Notes on Service-Learning with the Latinx Community

Nursing career anchors and professional exercise: is there alignment?

Strategic framework of professional preparation of trainees in the field of security and defense, professional field of Administration and Management - Socio-demographic and educational aspects


Work values of Filipino college students

Validación de un instrumento para detectar necesidades de orientación en alumnado universitario de nuevo ingreso

Az egészségromlás és az egészségmagatartás-változás kvalitatív vizsgálata munkafüggők körében

Improving Student Career Maturity through Peer Group Counseling

How individual experiential backgrounds are related to the development of employability among university students

Sport Voluntarism: Indicators of Sport Volunteers’ Satisfaction and Motivation

Consensual qualitative research on the internship experience and development of career identity of Korean doctors

Education and Technology for Industrial Power: The German Experience of Human Capital Accumulation


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Motivation of students’ professional self-determination in the process of professional preparation in high education institutions of Ukraine

Systemic Support Of The Disabled People Professional Formation Within Inclusive Higher Education

A Revalidation of the Weight Related Behaviours Questionnaire within an Australian Pregnancy Cohort.

Does contextual barriers and supports has an effect on STEM career development? A case study among system engineering students in Peru

Development and Validation of a Multidimensional Career Values Questionnaire: A Measure Integrating Work Values, Career Orientations, and Career Anchors:

Career orientation and its impact factors of general practitioners in Shanghai, China: a cross-sectional study

The influence of working time characteristics on employee perceptions of physical and mental health: The moderating role of value orientations

Effect of career orientation on organizational commitments mediated by job satisfaction

Language Learning Strategies: A Cross Sectional Survey Of Vocational High School Students


Hubungan Orientasi Karier dengan Optimisme pada Mahasiswa Jurusan Keagamaan UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung

Racial harassment and job satisfaction in South Africa: the moderating effects of career orientations and managerial rank

Online Lab System for Programming Training Courses: A Case of FPT University

Teachers’ Work Orientations And Flourishing: Mediated By Flow In Different Domains

The role of selection and socialization processes in career mobility: explaining expatriation and entrepreneurial intentions

Relations of Early Childhood Education Teachers’ Depressive Symptoms, Job-Related Stress, and Professional Motivation to Beliefs About Children and Teaching Practices

Counselling at School: A Comparison of the Work Characteristics of School Counselling Professionals in Four Different Countries

3446 The OHSU Physician-Scientist Experience: Integrating intensive translational research training for medical students into a competency-based educational framework

Interrelation of career anchors with education and labor activity motives of students

Assessment of Academic Motivation Level of Undergraduate Medical Students of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

How Cultural and Economic Differences Influence Career Orientations: A Comparative Study in Europe

Howland Award Address 2018: responding to opportunities to improve child and family health

Formation of professional behavior as a technology of social and labour rehabilitation of persons with special educational needs

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