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The Next Generation of Scientists: The Development of a Model Intensive Research Experience for Undergraduates

Social Attachment to Place and Psychic Costs of Geographic Mobility: How Distance from Hometown and Vacation Flexibility Affect Job Performance

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Boom‐Baby CEOs, Career Experience, and Risk Taking: A Natural Experiment Using Chinese CEOs’ Growth Paths

Transition to practice experiences of first- and second-career nurses: A mixed-methods study.

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Barriers and Enablers of Immigrant Career Experiences and Outcomes

The COVID-19 Challenges and Opportunities for Immigrant Career Development

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Breaking the glass monitor: examining the underrepresentation of women in esports environments

Back in the Middle (Again): Working in the Midst of Professors and Graduate Students

Labor Economics and Career Development in the Context of Globalized World

Understanding the dynamic relationship between career plateauing, organizational affective commitment and citizenship behavior

The Occupational Downgrading of Immigrants and Its Effects on Their Career Development

Intro to this special issue: refugees/displaced people in the workplace

Documenting Cultures of Harassment in Archaeology: A Review and Analysis of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Studies

Career Experiences of Female Registered Dietitians in NCAA Division I Athletic Departments

Triple Selves at Work

How Educational Developers can Re-engage Mid-Career Faculty Using SoTL

Female Community College STEM Student-Parent-Researchers Living in Poverty: Fear, Fulfillment, and Family

Nurturing Autonomous Learners: from Small-Step Teaching to Generic Questions

The Dynamics of Subjective Career Success: A Qualitative Inquiry

After the International Mathematical Olympiad: The Educational/Career Decisions and the Development of Mathematical Talent of Former Australian Olympians

“Don’t keep mum”: critical approaches to the narratives of women intelligence professionals

Navigating sexualised visibility: a study of British women engineers

Mentoring for Career Development: Organisational Approaches to Engage and Retain Employees

What I Have Learned About Countering Terrorismϕ

Telling tales: Using narratives and story-telling to understand the challenges faced by a sample of self-initiated expatriates in South Africa

ResumeVis: A Visual Analytics System to Discover Semantic Information in Semi-structured Resume Data

Past Doctoral Students’ Perspectives on Their Careers

Micropolitics and meritocracy: Improbable bed fellows?

I Feel Very Fortunate to Still be Doing What I Love: Later Career Performing Arts Teachers Still Keen and Committed

Perspectives on Historically Marginalized Doctoral Students in the United States and South Africa

“‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Bullshit”: Women’s Empowerment through Wellness at an Elite Professional Conference

Exploring the Work-Life Experiences of Temporary Employment Service Employees in South Africa

Gender and Sexual Relations in British Sports Broadcasting: Beyond Clare Balding

The Philosophical Approach of Sankofa: Perspectives on Historically Marginalized Doctoral Students in the United States and South Africa

Changing agents of change in neoliberally framed organizations

Climbing the corporate ladder and within-person changes in narcissism: Reciprocal relationships over two decades

Evolution and Sustainability of Benefits Offered to Employees in On-Line Recruitment

Going beyond getting a job: Graduates’ narratives and lived experiences of their career development

Career Development of Lower Social Class Adolescents in South Korea

Influences of the Places of My Life

Navigating the brogrammers and the boys’ club: Women’s representation and experiences in political technology

Using Narratives to Understand the Experience of Career Success amongst Self-initiated Expatriates in South Africa

Humanities PhD Graduates: Desperately Seeking Careers?

Mechanism of Career Construction Facing The Human-Machine Interaction

Midwifery pre-registration education and mid-career workforce participation and experiences.

Unclogging the pipeline: advancement to full professor in academic STEM

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