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The Effect of Career Counselor Behavior on Reemployment

Career Counseling Process Quality Promotes Reemployment

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Working on Stories to Enhance Career Decision Makings Self-Efficacy

Qualitative career assessment: a review and reconsideration

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Post-graduate specialty choice among interns of a private dental school in Jeddah

초등학교 진로전담교사의 과업에 대한 교육요구도 분석

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The Concepts of Work and Decent Work in Relationship With Self-Efficacy and Career Adaptability: Research With Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Adolescence

What factors contribute to the meaning of work? A validation of Morin’s Meaning of Work Questionnaire

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Pop-Up Book of Profession as a Career Service Media for Elementary School Students

Developing an Instrument for Evaluation Model of Career Counseling Program at Vocational High School (VHS)

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Preparing Juvenile Offenders for College and Career Readiness: A Cognitive Information Processing Approach

The Effectiveness of Nadas Career Counseling Model towards Career Maturity and Self-Concept of Former Drug Addicts: A Qualitative Study

Career Counseling sentence examples within career counseling professional

Career Callings and Career Development

Capturing Serendipity in Careers: An Evaluation of the Planned Happenstance Career Inventory With Lithuanian Undergraduates

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A questionnaire to assess the challenges faced by women who quit working as full-time neurosurgeons.

Wewnątrzszkolny System Doradztwa Zawodowego jako forma realizacji doradztwa zawodowego w edukacji

Career Counseling sentence examples within career counseling proces

Digital storytelling: a tool for life design career intervention

The Role of Ability in the Selection of Majors

Career Counseling sentence examples within career counseling intervention

Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy on Mathematics and Science: A Literature Review

Self- and career construction counseling for a gifted young woman in search of meaning and purpose

Career Counseling sentence examples within career counseling may

Post-graduate specialty choice among interns of a private dental school in Jeddah

Chinese International Students’ Expectations About Career Counseling

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Turning the Page: A Career Construction Counseling Group Design for Mid-to-Late Career Unemployed Adults

Putting Theory Into Practice: A Conceptual Framework for Career Group Counseling in School Settings

Üniversiteden İş Hayatına Geçiş: Kariyer Uyumu ve İyimserliği

Mapping the terrain of Journal of Counseling Psychology: A citation network analysis.

Survey of the triple-mentoring program for students at a religious medical school

A study comparing depression, anxiety, and coping styles between high school students attending and not attending coaching class for medical entrance examination

In the same boat? An online group career counseling with a group of young adults in the time of COVID-19

Effectiveness of career counseling on Challenges for Women’s Occupation and the Quality of Their Occupational Life in Industry

Construction of Employment Ability Simulation Training System in Artificial Intelligence Era

Editorial: VIA Character Strengths: Theory, Research and Practice

Comparative Study of Data Sources, Features, and Approaches for Automatic Personality Classification from Text

A Case Study of Career Counseling for ICT

Career Guidance and Counseling at The Work, Community, Employees and Retirements

“If I won the lottery…”: work orientations of low-qualified young adults in Albania and Switzerland

Understanding the Dysfunctionality of Dysfunctional Career Decision-Making Beliefs: Ambiguity Aversion as a General Mechanism

Professionally Important Qualities of the Specialists in Design, Technology, and Service in the Postmodern Society

Experiences of living with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: a qualitative systematic review.

How Parenting Styles Link Career Decision-Making Difficulties in Chinese College Students? The Mediating Effects of Core Self-Evaluation and Career Calling

Applying a Mixed-Method Approach to Improve On-the-Job Learning and Job Satisfaction in a Cohort of Interns at a University Hospital

Personality Styles and Organizational Effectiveness

Effectiveness of vocational rehabilitation counseling based on Social Cognitive Career Theory on career goal engagement among individuals with visual impairment: a single subject study

Reliability and Validity of the Enhanced Big Five Personality Test (B5T)

Academic health services and health needs of college students around the era of the Covid-19 pandemic

In the same boat: social support in online peer groups for career counseling

Graphology: An Interface Between Biology, Psychology and Neuroscience

Infusing Positive Psychological Interventions Into Career Counseling for Diverse Populations

A Study of the Influence of Career Counseling Perception on the Employment Competencies of Design Students in Central Taiwan

Assessment of Career Adaptability: Combining Text Mining and Item Response Theory Method

Transitioning Racial/Ethnic Minorities With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Related Services

The Role of Career Development in Improving Employee Performance: Empirical Study on Private Higher Education in Central Java, Indonesia

Personality and Chinese adolescents’ career exploration: The mediation effects of self-efficacy and perceived parental support

Career Guided Imagery: A Narrative Approach for Emerging Adults


Improving the Training Process of Anesthesiology Residents Through the Mentorship-Based Approach

A Narrative Enquiry into Gender Role Differentiation by Males of the Family in Career Choice Decisions of Female Child

Career Indecision Profile-65 Scores: Test–Retest Reliability and Measurement Equivalence in College and Noncollege Samples

Factors Affecting Duration of Unemployment among Young Graduates of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (An Approach to Duration Analysis)

Adaptação e Evidências de Validade da Escala de Parâmetros da Carreira Caleidoscópica

Employment Practices with People with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Digital Age

Assessing career preference cohesiveness

Major Incongruence and Occupational Engagement: A Moderated Mediation Model of Career Distress and Outcome Expectation

Post-9/11 Veteran Transitions to Civilian Life: Predictors of the Use of Employment Programs

Sociodynamic Counseling: Creativity and Adaptation for the School Counselors

Self-Employment in Later Life: How Future Time Perspective and Social Support Influence Self-Employment Interest

Effects of Motivational Interviewing Training in Career Counseling: A Pilot Study

Dysfunctional Career Decision-Making Beliefs: A Multidimensional Model and Measure

Motivação dos discentes a para escolha do curso de ciências contábeis em uma instituição de ensino superior privada

Career Development of Lower Social Class Adolescents in South Korea

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