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Mentorship of early career academics in Tanzania: issues and implications for the next generation of academics

For the Sustainable Development of Universities: Exploring the External Factors Impacting Returned Early Career Academic’s Research Performance in China

The Post-tenure Apex: Unrewarding, Unproductive, Unhappy. Is Continuing Learning a Remedy for Mid-Career Misery?

How might we best support the effective and meaningful employment of autistic people and improve outcomes?

Surviving a re-entry: second-career academics in business schools in Malaysia

Fast Professors, Research Funding, and the Figured Worlds of Mid-Career Ontario Academics

Emerging Neoliberal Academic Identities: Looking Beyond Homo economicus

Conversations as a source of professional learning: exploring the dynamics of camaraderie and common ground amongst university teachers

Understanding and predicting future research impact at different career stages—A social network perspective

Move or perish? Sticky mobilities in the Swiss academic context

The art of academic negotiation.

The Gordon Smith and Vincent Wright Memorial Prizes 2018

Should we use video technology for giving feedback?

The Scientific Research Article Publication Process as a Macro-Genre: Outlining the Parameters of Successful and Unsuccessful Communication Between the Writers and the Gatekeeping Readers

Academic Arrhythmia: Disruption, Dissonance, and Conflict in the Early-Career Rhythms of CMS Academics

Moving forward from the mid-career: Path options and strategies for mid-career academics

Reminiscences and Reflections on my Retirement: Ten Takeaways that Worked for Me

Gendered Career Decisions in the Academy: Job Refusal and Job Departure Intentions among Academic Dual-Career Couples

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