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Untapped Potential of Local Brewery Brands in Their Communities

Non-Economic Impact of Craft Brewery Visitors In British Columbia: A Quantitative Analysis

Wastewater treatment and resource recovery technologies in the brewery industry: Current trends and emerging practices

Enzymatic conversion of Brewer’s Spent Yeast as raw material for glutamic acid production

Modeling of Alternating Current Motor Performance for Increased Production Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

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A barnacle-flavored beer?: consumer acceptance of flamboyant tastes in the brewery industry

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Optimizing Beverage Pasteurization Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Physico-Chemical Parameters of Industrial Effluents from a Brewery Industry in Imo State, Nigeria

Sustainable and clean treatment of industrial wastewater with microbial fuel cell

Fungal Cellulases: New Avenues in Biofuel Production

Assessment of Industrial Effluent Pollution on Borkena River, Kombolcha, Ethiopia

[Construction of industrial brewing yeast for fermentation under high temperature and high gravity condition].

Recent advances in brewery wastewater treatment; approaches for water reuse and energy recovery: a review

Potential treatment of leachate by Hermetia illucens (Diptera, Stratyomyidae) larvae: Performance under different feeding conditions

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Profiling Beer Consumers for Brewery Management

Empirical Study on the Effect of Corporate Eco-Efficiency on the Profitability of Nigerian Breweries Plc

Efficacy of recovered diatomaceous earth from brewery to control Sitophilus zeamais and Acanthoscelides obtectus

Chloride transport at plant-soil Interface modulates barley cd tolerance

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