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Investigation on gas migration in saturated bentonite using the residual capillary pressure technique with consideration of temperature

Impact of capillary trapping on CSG recovery: an overlooked phenomenon

Experimental study on the relationship between the matric potential and methane breakthrough pressure of partially water-saturated shale fractures

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High-performance icephobic droplet rebound surface with nanoscale doubly reentrant structure

Quantitative Relationship Between Argillaceous Caprock Thickness and Maximum Sealed Hydrocarbon Column Height

Fabrication of hydrophobic PP/CH3SiO2 composite hollow fiber membrane for membrane contactor application

Effect of multiple factors on preformed particle gel placement, dehydration, and plugging performance in partially open fractures

An experiment and model of ceramic (alumina) hollow fiber membrane contactors for chemical absorption of CO2 in aqueous monoethanolamine (MEA) solutions

Breakthrough pressure and permeability in partially water-saturated shales using methane–carbon dioxide gas mixtures: An experimental study of Carboniferous shales from the eastern Qaidam Basin, China

Soft kink valves

On-Demand Oil–Water Separation by Environmentally Responsive Cotton Fabrics

Research and Application of a New Plugging Agent—Oil Soluble Resin

Preparation of phenolic resin-based polymer sponge composed of intertwined nanofibres with tunable wettability for high-efficiency separation of oil-water emulsions.

Impact of pore structure and fractal characteristics on the sealing capacity of Ordovician carbonate cap rock in the Tarim Basin, China

Influence factors and an evaluation method about breakthrough pressure of carbonate rocks: An experimental study on the Ordovician of carbonate rock from the Kalpin area, Tarim Basin, China

Relationship between breakthrough pressure and contact angle for organo-silane treated coal fly ash

Mechanisms and prevention & control countermeasures of water breakthrough in horizontal wells in multi-layer unconsolidated sandstone gas reservoirs: A case study of the Tainan Gas Field in the Qaidam Basin

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