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Effect of Timing and Pattern of Fuel Injection on Performance and Emissions of a Diesel Engine in the Low-Temperature Combustion Mode – An Experimental Investigation

Development of a large-sized direct injection hydrogen engine for a stationary power generator

Effect of Various Supercharger Boost Pressure to in-Cylinder Pressure and Heat Release Rate Characteristics of Direct Injection Diesel Engine at Various Engine Rotation

Modeling and Control of a Diesel Engine with Regenerative Hydraulic Assisted Turbocharger


Investigation on the effect of boost pressure on performance characteristics of a diesel engine

Neat polyoxymethylene dimethyl ether in a diesel engine; part 1: Detailed combustion analysis

Improvement of engine performance with high compression ratio based on knock suppression using Miller cycle with boost pressure and split injection

Study of performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a common rail diesel engine with tea tree oil-diglyme blends

Investigation of intake pressure and fuel injection timing effect on performance characteristics of diesel engine

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Study of the electric-booster and turbo-generator system and its influence on a 1.5 L gasoline engine

A Nonlinear Feedforward Controller Design Taking Account of Dynamics of Turbocharger and Manifolds for Diesel Engine Air-Path System

Experimental investigation on a diesel engine operated in RCCI combustion mode

Prediction of Left Ventricular Mechanics Using Machine Learning

Diesel engine air path control based on neural approximation of nonlinear MPC

Evaluation of Possible Limits of Forcing of High-Capacity Air-Cooled Engines

Measurement of flame temperature and soot amount for effective NOx and PM reduction in a heavy duty diesel engine

Model-based control system for advanced diesel combustion

Multiple symptomical analysis of fails in the EGR system of HDI engine

Control of diesel engines with electrically assisted turbocharging through an extended state observer based nonlinear MPC

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