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High-speed ocular artifacts removal of multichannel EEG based on improved moment matching

Two distinctive stages of novelty processing revealed by high-density EEG based source imaging

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Time delay estimation from the time series for optical chaos systems using deep learning.

Output only system identification using complex wavelet modified second order blind identification method - A time-frequency domain approach

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Post Compensation of Weak Nonlinearity for Digital Receiver

Removing muscle artifacts from EEG data of people with cognitive impairment using high order statistic methods.

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One-shot blind identification of LTI systems

Dealing with Prior Knowledge

Blind Recognition of Forward Error Correction Codes Based on Recurrent Neural Network

Blind Identification of the Shaping Rate for Probabilistic Shaping QAM Signal

Toeplitz structured subspace for multi-channel blind identification methods

Blind Identification of Sparse Systems Using Symbolic Dynamics Encoding

Channel Identification Based on Cumulants, Binary Measurements, and Kernels

Identifying First-Order Lowpass Graph Signals Using Perron Frobenius Theorem

Blind Recognition of Parameters of Reed Solomon Code from Intercepted Erroneous Codewords

Maximum likelihood based identification for nonlinear multichannel communications systems

A Two-Stage Maximum a Posterior Probability Method for Blind Identification of LDPC Codes

Blind identification of space–time block codes based on deep learning

Internal Reconstruction Gradient Blind Estimation Method for Hammerstien-like System

Scrambling Code Blind Identification in SDH Signal Intelligent Reception

An automatic framework for evaluating the vascular permeability of bone metastases from prostate cancer

Blind identification of convolutional codes based on deep learning

Reconstruction algorithm an object image based on a series of its images distorted in a random environment

Inverse Control of Nonlinear Distortion in Adaptive System

Blind Recognition of Forward Error Correction Codes Based on a Depth Distribution Algorithm

Blind classification for linear and non-linear modulations based on the fusion of multiple features

Blind Reconstruction of Binary Linear Block Codes Based on Association Rules Mining

Blind Entity Identification for Agricultural IoT Deployments

Interlace Type Recognition Analysis under Non-Cooperative Conditions

Exposure to Aroma Reference Standards Alters Participants’ Descriptions of Commercial Red and White Wines

Blind Identification of Block Interleaved Convolution Code Parameters

A zebrafish drug screening platform boosts the discovery of novel therapeutics for spinal cord injury in mammals

Estimation of Network Processes via Blind Graph Multi-filter Identification

A Moment-Based Estimation Strategy for Underdetermined Single-Sensor Blind Source Separation

Blind Identification of Sparse Multipath Channels Under the Background of Internet of Things

Blind Identification of SFBC-OFDM Signals Based on the Central Limit Theorem

Validation of DNA metabarcoding of fecal samples using cattle fed known rations

Joint Blind Identification of the Number of Transmit Antennas and MIMO Schemes Using Gerschgorin Radii and FNN

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Blind Identification ブラインド識別
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