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Structural Characterization of Mixed Rice Straw and Deoiled Algal Cake-Based Substrate as a Potential Bioenergy Feedstock for Microbial Lipids and Carotenoid Production

Life cycle assessment of novel technologies for algae harvesting and oil extraction in the renewable diesel pathway

Creating a harmonized time series of environmentally-extended input-output tables to assess the evolution of the US bioeconomy - A retrospective analysis of corn ethanol and soybean biodiesel

Modal properties of fruit-rachilla system of the macaw palm

Microalgae biofuels production: A systematic review on socioeconomic prospects of microalgae biofuels and policy implications

In-Field Corn Residue Management for Bioenergy Use: Potential Effects on Selected Soil Health Parameters

Efficient biomass saccharification using a novel cellobiohydrolase from Clostridium clariflavum for utilization in biofuel industry

Prices for a second‐generation biofuel industry in Canada: Market linkages between Canadian wheat and US energy and agricultural commodities

Optimization of Upstream Processing for the Production of Bioethanol from Leucaena leucocephala Seeds using Kluyveromyces marxianus UniMAP 1-1

Phosphate stress triggers the conversion of glycerol into l-carnitine in Pseudomonas fluorescens.

Magnetic Field Application to Increase Yield of Microalgal Biomass in Biofuel Production

Sustainable development challenges of the biofuel industry in India based on integrated MCDM approach

Improvement of fermentable sugar for enhanced bioethanol production from Amorphophallus spp. tuber obtained from northern Thailand

Biofuel value chains and contractual relationships

A Methodology to Estimate the Potential Production of Bioenergy Based on the Species, Cultivation Area Conditions, and Period of Forest Trees

Evaluation of cellulose degrading bacteria isolated from the gut-system of cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera and their potential values in biomass conversion

Production of Ethylene Glycol from Glycerol Using an In Vitro Enzymatic Cascade

Modern developmental aspects in the field of economical harvesting and biodiesel production from microalgae biomass

Insight into the recent advances of microwave pretreatment technologies for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into sustainable biofuel.

Pavlovnia - highly productive culture for the production of biofuels and wood

The bioenergy development analysis in Russia and Colombia

Stochastic Programming of Sustainable Waste Cooking Oil for Biodiesel Supply Chain under Uncertainty

Structural-Genetic Characterization Of Novel Butaryl co-A Dehydrogenase and Proposition of Butanol Biosynthesis Pathway in Pusillimonas ginsengisoli SBSA.

Biocatalysis in industrial biodiesel and bioethanol production

A multiscale model predicts the sensitivity of Chlorella vulgaris to light and nitrogen levels in photobioreactors

Production of solid biofuels from organic waste in developing countries: A review from sustainability and economic feasibility perspectives.

Characterization of selective layer and biomolecules fouling in polymeric membranes for microalgae filtration applications using 3D FIB/SEM

Production of thermo-alkali-stable xylanase from bacillus licheniformis isolated from natural hot water geyser

Catalytic Process Development of Bio-BTX from Lignocellulose Derived Product: Preliminary Study Using Transition Metal Catalysts

Agricultural waste valorization for sustainable biofuel production

[Microbial green manufacturing of higher alcohols].

Presence of cellulolytic and xylanolytic activities in the gut fluid of grasshopper Oxya velox

Optimization of conditions for the production of lignocellulolytic enzymes by Sphingobacterium sp. ksn-11 utilizing agro-wastes under submerged condition

Impacts of biofuel policy on the regional economy and carbon emission reduction in Yunnan, China

Consolidated Bioprocess for Bioethanol Production from Raw Flour of Brosimum alicastrum Seeds Using the Native Strain of Trametes hirsuta Bm-2

Effect of Immobilization Method on the Growth of Chlorella vulgaris and Fatty Acid Profile for Biodiesel Production

Enhanced production of β- glucosidase by locally isolated fungal strain employing submerged fermentation

Physico-chemical analysis of pyrolyzed bio-oil from swietenia macrophylla (mahogany) wood

QTL × environment interactions underlie adaptive divergence in switchgrass across a large latitudinal gradient

A PESTLE analysis of biofuels energy industry in Europe

Integrating Spirulina platensis cultivation and aerobic composting exhaust for carbon mitigation and biomass production.

Перспективи розширення сировинної бази для виробництва біодизельного палива в Україні

Effect of phosphorus-limited nutrients on growth and glucose production from microalgae

Exploring the metabolic potential of oleaginous actinomycetes in biodiesel production from cassava wastewater

Mild Fractionation of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Components From Neochloris oleoabundans Using Ionic Liquids

Development of a Device to Pulping Fruits of Bocaiuva (Acrocomia aculeate sp.): Intended for the Communities that Practice Sustainable Agriculture or Strativism

Investigation of engine performance and kit design for the usage of safflower oil as in diesel engine

Unconventional alternative biofuels: Quality assessment of biodiesel and its blends from marine diatom Navicula cincta

Haloferax volcanii for biotechnology applications: challenges, current state and perspectives

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