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Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within elevated plus maze

Potential ameliorative effect of Cynodon dactylon (L.) pers on scopolamine-induced amnesia in rats: Restoration of cholinergic and antioxidant pathways

Objective and comprehensive re-evaluation of anxiety-like behaviors in mice using the Behavior Atlas.

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Novel Behavioral Paradigm

Neuro-Computational Foundations of Moral Preferences.

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Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Different Behavioral Paradigm

Anxiolytic-like effect of Urena lobata (L.) in swiss albino mice

Alendronate reduces the cognitive and neurological disturbances induced by combined doses of d‐galactose and aluminum chloride in mice

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Validated Behavioral Paradigm

Pigs as a new behavioral model for studying Pavlovian eyeblink conditioning

Integrated microRNA and mRNA gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in response to acute psychosocial stress: a repeated-measures within-subject pilot study

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within New Behavioral Paradigm

Should Complex Cognitive Functions Be Mapped With Direct Electrostimulation in Wide-Awake Surgery? A Network Perspective

An inferior-superior colliculus circuit controls auditory cue-directed visual spatial attention

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Conditioning Behavioral Paradigm

The parabrachial-to-amygdala pathway provides aversive information to induce avoidance behavior in mice


Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Several Behavioral Paradigm

Spatial Memory and Gut Microbiota Alterations Are Already Present in Early Adulthood in a Pre-clinical Transgenic Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

A Review of Freely Available, Open-Source Software for the Automated Analysis of the Behavior of Adult Zebrafish.

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within 2 Behavioral Paradigm

Research Note: Behavioral preference and conditioned taste aversion to oleic acid solution in chickens

True Virtue, Self-Presentation, or Both?: A Behavioral Test of Impression Management and Overclaiming

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Variou Behavioral Paradigm


Robust mouse tracking in complex environments using neural networks

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Common Behavioral Paradigm

LB100 attenuates methamphetamine-induced behavioral sensitization by inhibiting the Raf1-ERK 1/2 cascade in the caudate putamen

Psychomotor retardation in depression: A critical measure of the forced swim test

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Sophisticated Behavioral Paradigm

optoPAD, a closed-loop optogenetics system to study the circuit basis of feeding behaviors

Hierarchical reasoning by neural circuits in the frontal cortex

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Distinct Behavioral Paradigm

Sex differences in reward- and punishment-guided actions

Sex differences in reward- and punishment-guided actions

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Similar Behavioral Paradigm

Sex differences in age-related impairments vary across cognitive and physical assessments in rats.

Sex Differences in Age-related Impairments Vary across Cognitive and Physical Assessments in Rats

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Simple Behavioral Paradigm

Somatosensory contribution to audio-visual speech processing

Aging mice show impaired memory updating in the novel OUL updating paradigm

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Developed Behavioral Paradigm

Foveal feedback supports peripheral perception of both object color and form

5-Fluorouracil impairs attention and dopamine release in rats

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Avoidance Behavioral Paradigm

Layer-specific parameters of intracortical microstimulation of the somatosensory cortex

Somatosensory Cortex Microstimulation: Behavioral Effects of Phase Duration and Asymmetric Waveforms

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Established Behavioral Paradigm

Value-Biased Competition in the Auditory System of the Brain.

Appetite-Regulating Hormone Ghrelin Predicts Decision-Making in Healthy Controls but Not Individuals With Low-Weight Eating Disorders

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Related Behavioral Paradigm

Application of optogenetics and in vivo imaging approaches for elucidating the neurobiology of addiction

Danger and distress: Parabrachial-extended amygdala circuits

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Standard Behavioral Paradigm

Sesamin alleviates diabetes-associated behavioral deficits in rats: The role of inflammatory and neurotrophic factors.

Objective and comprehensive re-evaluation of anxiety-like behaviors in mice using the Behavior Atlas.

Behavioral Paradigm sentence examples within Paced Behavioral Paradigm

Conserved structures of neural activity in sensorimotor cortex of freely moving rats allow cross-subject decoding

Conserved structures of neural activity in sensorimotor cortex of freely moving rats allow cross-subject decoding

Ethanol-induced Sedative Behavior: An Assay to Investigate Increased Dopamine Signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Phasic oxygen dynamics confounds fast choline-sensitive biosensor signals in the brain of behaving rodents

Medial prefrontal cortex and the temporal control of action.

Visualizing synaptic plasticity in vivo by large-scale imaging of endogenous AMPA receptors.

Attention, awareness, and the right temporoparietal junction

A behavioral paradigm for measuring perceptual distances in mice

Adolescent exposure to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and ethanol heightens sensitivity to fear stimuli

Task Engagement Improves Neural Discriminability in the Auditory Midbrain of the Marmoset Monkey

An inexpensive, high-precision, modular spherical treadmill setup optimized for Drosophila experiments

Prefrontal contributions to action control in rodents.

Structural connectivity between rostral anterior cingulate cortex and amygdala predicts first onset of depressive disorders in adolescence.

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) promotes social behavior through mTORC1 in the excitatory neurotransmission

Rhesus Monkeys Have a Counting Ability and Can Count from One to Six

Hunger games: Associations between core eating disorder symptoms and responses to rejection by peers during competition.

Role of cerium oxide nanoparticles in improving oxidative stress and developmental delays in Drosophila melanogaster as an in-vivo model for bisphenol a toxicity.

Pharmacological inhibition of the primary endocannabinoid producing enzyme, DGL‐α, induces autism spectrum disorder‐like and co‐morbid phenotypes in adult C57BL/J mice

Divergent encoding of active avoidance behavior in corticostriatal and corticolimbic projections

Within-Trial Persistence of Learned Behavior as a Dissociable Behavioral Component in Hippocampus-Dependent Memory Tasks: A Potential Postlearning Role of Immature Neurons in the Adult Dentate Gyrus

A two-stage diffusion modeling approach to the compelled-response task.

Pharmacological inhibition of BKCa channels induces a specific social deficit in adult C57BL6/J mice.

Choice-confirmation bias and gradual perseveration in human reinforcement learning

Aberrant aggressive behavior in a mouse model of Angelman syndrome

Reliability and Replicability of Implicit and Explicit Reinforcement Learning Paradigms in People With Psychotic Disorders.

Potential and Realized Impact of Astroglia Ca2 + Dynamics on Circuit Function and Behavior

A Time Duration Discrimination Task for the Study of Elapsed Time Processing in Rats.

Dopamine Neurons Evaluate Natural Fluctuations in Performance Quality

Dichotomous dopaminergic and noradrenergic neural states mediate distinct aspects of exploitative behavioral states

Human Wildtype Tau Expression in Cholinergic Pedunculopontine Tegmental Neurons is Sufficient to Produce PSP-like Behavioral Deficits and Neuropathology.

Swimming in the maze: An overview of maze apparatuses and protocols to assess zebrafish behavior


An Inexpensive, High-Precision, Modular Spherical Treadmill Setup Optimized for Drosophila Experiments

VR Setup to Assess Peripersonal Space Audio-Tactile 3D Boundaries

Parametric modulators of sex-biased conditioned fear responding

A Privileged Working Memory State and Potential Top-Down Modulation for Faces, Not Scenes

Diminished social interaction incentive contributes to social deficits in mouse models of autism spectrum disorder

Frontal Midline Theta Reflects Cognitive Control During Planning

How cerebellar motor learning keeps saccades accurate.

Time course of spatiotopic updating across saccades

Methodological considerations in the use of Noldus EthoVision XT video tracking of children with autism in multi-site studies

Dopamine signals related to appetitive and aversive events in paradigms that manipulate reward and avoidability

Activation of neural projection from the anterior cingulate cortex to the periaqueductal gray facilitates reward-seeking behavior.

Researches on empathy: Methodologies and characteristics from a psychophysiological perspective

The Potential Role of Applied Behavior Analysis in the Cultural Environment of Māori Mental Health

Anxiolytic and hypnotic effects of Cocculus laurifolius leaf extract in mice

Lamotrigine as a mood stabilizer: insights from the pre-clinical evidence

Reduced expression of synapsin II in a chronic phencyclidine preclinical rat model of schizophrenia

The Sweet Taste Test: Relationships with Anhedonia Subtypes, Personality Traits, and Menstrual Cycle Phases

NIMH MonkeyLogic: Behavioral control and data acquisition in MATLAB

Avoid-approach conflict behaviors differentially affected by anxiolytics: implications for a computational model of risky decision-making

Prenatal immune challenge induces behavioral deficits, neuronal remodeling, and increases brain nitric oxide and zinc levels in the male rat offspring

Repeated isoflurane in adult male mice leads to acute and persistent motor decrements with long‐term modifications in corpus callosum microstructural integrity

Interference between overlapping memories is predicted by neural states during learning

Quantifying free behavior in an open field using k-motif approach

Talker change detection: A comparison of human and machine performance.

Application of Granger Causality in Decoding Covert Selective Attention with Human EEG

Relationship between social support, quality of life, and Th2 cytokines in a biobehavioral cancer survivorship trial

Associations Among Behavioral Inhibition and Owner-Rated Attention, Hyperactivity/Impulsivity, and Personality in the Domestic Dog (Canis familiaris)

Recent advances in the neural regulation of feeding behavior in adult Drosophila

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