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Behavior Intentions sentence examples within Health Behavior Intentions

COVID‐19 and Motivated Reasoning: The Influence of Knowledge on COVID‐Related Policy and Health Behavior

The Impact of Source and Message Relevance on Audience Responses to Health Podcasts

Behavior Intentions sentence examples within Environmental Behavior Intentions

Environmental Beliefs and Pro-Environmental Behavioral Intention of an Environmentally Themed Exhibition Audience: The Mediation Role of Exhibition Attachment

Promoting Pro-Environmental BEEhavior in School. Factors Leading to Eco-Friendly Student Action

Behavior Intentions sentence examples within Consumer Behavior Intentions

COVID‐19 is Feminine: Grammatical Gender Influences Danger Perceptions and Precautionary Behavioral Intentions by Activating Gender Stereotypes

Consumer attitudes and buying behavior for green food products

Behavior Intentions sentence examples within Sexual Behavior Intentions

Safe Sexual Behavior Intentions among College Students: The Construction of an Extended Theory of Planned Behavior

Safe Sexual Behaviors Intention among Female Youth: The Construction on Extended Theory of Planned Behavior.

Behavior Intentions sentence examples within Protective Behavior Intentions

The Relation of Threat Level and Age With Protective Behavior Intentions During Covid-19 in Germany

Habit Facilitates Actioning Sun Protective Behavior Intentions.

Behavior Intentions sentence examples within Friendly Behavior Intentions


Positive spillover of consumers’ sustainable behaviors: The mediating role of self-determination need satisfaction

Behavior Intentions sentence examples within behavior intentions toward

Thumbs down on “likes”? The impact of Facebook reactions on online consumers’ nonprofit engagement behavior

Information Security Policy Compliance Culture

Information representation of blockchain technology: Risk evaluation of investment by personalized quantifier with cubic spline interpolation

Behavioral Challenges of Technology Adoption among Bank Employees: A TAM perspective

Real and Virtual Happiness Prediction Model Based on Multiple Regression analysis by Instagram Social Network

Improving the architectural design of public dining spaces in Cairo, via examining the users’ opinion of the physical environment and emotions states

Determinants to parking mode alternatives: A model integrating technology acceptance model and satisfaction–loyalty model

A pesquisa experimental sobre comunicação de utilidade pública: uma revisão sistemática

How Does Music-Message Congruency in Online Video Advertisements Enhance Consumers’ Behavior Intentions? A Serial Multiple Mediator Model

Telepresence and Interactivity in Mobile Learning System: Its Relation with Open Innovation

Taxpayers online information privacy concerns, antecedents, and behavior intention

Factors influencing behavior intentions to telehealth by Chinese elderly: An extended TAM model

Sustainability Development in Hospitality: The Effect of Perceived Value on Customers’ Green Restaurant Behavioral Intention

The Effect of Personal Innovativeness on Mobile Payment to Behavioral Intentions Perceived Enjoyment as a Moderator

The Behavioral Intention of Tourists toward Local Foods: An Applied Research on the Local Foods Served in Egyptian Siwa Oasis

Conscientiousness and smartphone recycling intention: The moderating effect of risk perception.

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