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The Effect of Hair Beauty Online Shopping Experience Marketing on Purchase Intention

A Study on the Relationship between Consumer Perception and Behavior Intention for Instagram Hair Beauty Contents

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The Effects of Marital Status of Hair and Beauty Industry Workers on Strategies to Cope with Violence and Resilience

A Study on the Analysis Method of Skin Condition through Visual Confirmation of Skin Surface

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Exploring Consumer Behavior towards Sustainability of Green Cosmetics

Augmented reality (AR) app use in the beauty product industry and consumer purchase intention

Fitspiration on social media: Body-image and other psychopathological risks among young adults. A narrative review

Pengaruh Citra Merek dan Kualitas Informasi terhadap Minat Beli Sociolla

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Augmented reality and virtual reality revolutionize rusiness transformation in digital marketing tech industry analysts and visionaries during Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Consuming Africa: safari aesthetics in the Johannesburg beauty industry

Investigation on Fashion Awareness of Sri Lankan Contemporary Middle Class Women and the Need of Fashion Makeovers

Revealing Brazilian fat activism through visual arts: the cases of Elisa Queiroz and Fernanda Magalhães

Study on Proposal of Men’s Styles Using Angkor Wat as the Motive

An Analysis of Beauty-Related Contents in Social Media in China, Thailand, and Indonesia

The impact of K-beauty social media influencers, sponsorship, and product exposure on consumer acceptance of new products

Fashion and Beauty in the Time of Asia

A Study on the Prospects of the Korea Beauty Industry

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Beauty and physics — Physics projects based on modern aesthetic and medical treatments

Market Research on Gaps and Perennial Problems of Beauty Industry

Spirulina for Skin Care: A Bright Blue Future

Research on User Experience Under the New Retailing Mode : Using the interactive marketing mode of the Estee Lauder POP-UP store as an example

A Study on the Reliability Differences in Social Coherence, Rumor Trust, and Corporate Response Strategies Due to the Negative Rumors of a Hair salon by Demographic Characteristics

The Effect of Job Description and Personality Towards Business Performance: A Case Study of RonaRias Startup

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Getting Creative with Sustainability Communication in the Beauty Industry: Exploring On-pack Practices and Consumers’ Perceptions

Influencing Factors of Facial Spa Treatment on Visit Intention: An Importance-Performance Matrix Analysis (IPMA) Approach

A Study on the Life History of a Korean Beauty Master: Focusing on the case of beauty master L

Priority areas of international activity as a growth driver of the beauty industry in the Rostov region

K-Hairstyle: A Large-scale Korean hairstyle dataset for virtual hair editing and hairstyle classification

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Classification Thematic Groups of English Borrowings of the Semantic Field “Beauty” Based on the Material of Russian Glossy Female Magazines

Fucoxanthin, A Xanthophyll from Macro- and Microalgae: Extraction Techniques, Bioactivities and Their Potential Application in Nutra- and Cosmeceutical Industries

The credibility of social media beauty gurus in young millennials’ cosmetic product choice

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Culto ao corpo e suas formas de disseminação através das mídias: uma revisão integrativa no olhar da Educação Física


Structural Relationship Analysis of Internal Marketing, Job Satisfaction, and Customer Orientation

Features of eating behavior and social anxiety in women who negatively assess their appearance

Machine Learning-Based Facial Beauty Prediction and Analysis of Frontal Facial Images Using Facial Landmarks and Traditional Image Descriptors

Addressing the silence: Utilising salon workers to respond to family violence

Revolution of Malaysia’s Kaolin to Metakaolin towards various application: A Mini Review

Results of the combined use of Ozone and PRP with a novel skin rejuvenation system called the OxyPin [abstract]

The Brazilian Beauty Industry and the Cosmetics Market For Frizzy / Curly Hair

Is 50% ever enough?

‘Disability Gain’ and the Limits of Representing Alternative Beauty

Cultural gatekeeping in cosmetic surgery: Transnational beauty ideals in multicultural Malaysia

An Extensive Review of Cosmetics in Use

A false image of health: how fake news and pseudo-facts spread in the health and beauty industry

Middle Class Muslim Women and Beauty Industry

Black and Beautiful: A Content Analysis and Study of Colorism and Strides toward Inclusivity in the Cosmetic Industry

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Application of Performance Assessment in Professional Competency Test of Participants in Vocational School of Beauty Therapist

Enhancing online-to-offline specific customer loyalty in beauty industry

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The 3-D visualization of the granular particle on various diameter porous surfaces

Apparent Age Estimation with Relational Networks

Desaturation-Induced Brightness in Face Color Perception

Nutricosmetics: A brief overview

Development of hardware cosmetology in Kazakhstan

Marketing Public Relations Strategy to Build Image of Innisfree through the Use of Virtual Reality


The Effect of Negative Publicity on Brand Equity (Image Attitude, and Purchase Intention) in Indonesia: Case of Dolce and Gabbana

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