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EEG dataset and OpenBMI toolbox for three BCI paradigms: an investigation into BCI illiteracy

Changes in Fatigue and EEG Amplitude during a Longtime Use of Brain-Computer Interface

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Towards a Hybrid BCI Gaming Paradigm Based on Motor Imagery and SSVEP

Novel hybrid brain–computer interface system based on motor imagery and P300

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Effects of stimulus position on the classification of miniature asymmetric VEPs for brain-computer interfaces

Training effects of a tactile BCI for wheelchair control

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Rethinking BCI Paradigm and Machine Learning Algorithm as a Symbiosis: Zero Calibration, Guaranteed Convergence and High Decoding Performance

Development of an Online Home Appliance Control System Using Augmented Reality and an SSVEP-Based Brain–Computer Interface

A Novel Audiovisual P300-Speller Paradigm Based on Cross-Modal Spatial and Semantic Congruence

A New Brain-Computer Interface Paradigm based on Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential of Illusory Pattern Motion Perception*

Two Frequencies Sequential Coding for the ASSR-based Brain-Computer Interface Application

A Reference-based Source Extraction Algorithm to Extract Movement Related Cortical Potentials for Brain-Computer Interface Applications

Co-adaptive Training Improves Efficacy of a Multi-Day EEG-Based Motor Imagery BCI Training

Fusing Frontal and Occipital EEG Features to Detect “Brain Switch” by Utilizing Convolutional Neural Network

Investigation of the mirrored-word reading paradigm for BCI implementation

Learning outside the box

A comparison of subject-dependent and subject-independent channel selection strategies for single-trial P300 brain computer interfaces

Neural mechanisms of training an auditory event‐related potential task in a brain–computer interface context

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Artefacts Removal to Detect Visual Evoked Potentials in Brain Computer Interface Systems

Space-time recurrences for functional connectivity evaluation and feature extraction in motor imagery brain-computer interfaces

High-Frequency SSVEP Stimulation Paradigm Based On Dual Frequency Modulation*

A comprehensive review of EEG-based brain-computer interface paradigms.

Decoding Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials From EEG Signals: Towards an EEG-Triggered FES System to Restore Hand Grasp Function

Swlda Offers a Valuable Trade-off between interpretability and accuracy for rehabilitative BCIs

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